Improving Health Through A Triglycerides Diet

Losing Weight and Becoming Healthy Are Two Very Different Things

I am going to share a secret with you about how to lose weight...This is the most effective strategy that you will ever read about... So get ready to print out this article...Ready?!


Okay... now that I read that.. it sounds pretty stupid.  But it is the gods truth, that if you want to shed a ton of weight that all you need to do is eliminate all the calories that you consume.

But of course what are the side effects of such a drastic diet? 

That is simple.... your health is going to suffer in an extreme way and you are going to feel absolutely terrible in the process.  More than likely you are going to quit this type of extreme diet and return to life of eating whatever you want which will produce exactly the same results ... gaining weight.

So what to do?  How can you lose weight and get healthy at the same time?  What is all this stuff about never having to diet again?  Is it possible?!

Never "Diet" Again

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe(125213)Credit: by, on FlickrThe first thing you need to understand is that "Diets" don't work!

I want to point out that the word "Diets" about is surrounded by quotes which is my way of saying that commercial diets such as the Atkins Diet, the Maker's Diet, and even Weight Watchers (WW) to a large extent don't work for most people. 

I may get a large amount of push back from the Weight Watcher's group telling me how much weight they have lost (which is fantastic) but if you look at all the spoke's people who have endorsed the program you have to realize a disturbing trend.  Most if not all of them have gained the weight back (if not more).

The reason commercial diets don't work is because the diet system substitute ease of the system and forgoes the true education of how to eat properly to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Without the proper knowledge or a sense of portion sizes the dieter can easily fall back into old habits and regain all the weight.

Another side effect of commercial diets is it puts people in just a rotten mood because some diets restrict the consumption of key nutritional building blocks such as carbohydrates or proteins.  Their bodies cry out essential nutrients being denied and it makes the person suffer just to lose a few pounds.

When there is a lack in the proper nutritional balance in which your body needs to function then your health is going to suffer.

Getting Healthy With The Triglycerides Diet

I know it may seem contrary to say that diets don't work and now I say here is yet another diet... I would like to first define what is the proper definition of diet (notice no quotes):

"The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats."

As you can see from the definition it is a far cry from what society calls a "diet" but rather it means the kinds of food that a community eats. 

In the last 80 years there has been a huge shift in the types of food that we eat.  Prior to the 1900's, people ate whole grains and unprocessed food stuff which had higher nutritional value then today's counterpart.  If you were to take a look a label from almost any product which on the store shelf today then you would find on key ingredient.... refined sugar!

Sugar, especially high concentrations of sugar, sends our body into over-drive and as a reaction increase these things called "Triglycerides" which are used to convert excessive calories into fat!  If you eat a diet high in carbohydrates made from refined sugar over a long period of time then your triglyceride level can become higher which can cause your body to store fat much more easily.

So what is the Triglycerides Diet?!

The diet really isn't a structured diet as you would think.  It is a part of your education on how to keep up a healthy lifestyle and lose weight in the process.  If you realize that consumption of foodstuffs with a lot of refined sugars is not a good thing for your body and can actually cause you to gain body fat more easily then you are on track.

But to be more specific, if you want to become a healthier you and use this knowledge do the following:

  1. Try not to consume anything with refined sugar, refined flour, or just anything with the word "refined" in it.  Strive to consume things with the words "Whole" in the title (except bread which is most likely made from refined sugar as well)
  2. Try to find a local farmer/farm who sells organic products
  3. Look in your pantry each day and try to replace one item made from refined sugar with a natural/unrefined substitute
  4. Try not to eat anything fried or with a fatty oil as they can spike triglycerides in the blood stream.

Remember knowledge is power and if you carry out these small changes you can meet and exceed your fitness goals and feel great while doing it.