Don’t strain yourself sitting there in front of your computer with your mind all empty, trying your best not to go insane for the next couple of hours struggling to come up with something to write about. Getting into that kind of situation can really be very disappointing in excruciating proportions.

Our ways may vary based upon our own preferences. However, no harm can be caused if we’re willing to find a simple solution for the least.

  • Do something you find boring to do like repainting your walls, cleaning up your room, organizing files in your computer or anything that gets you to do things and got something fixed in the process. By doing so, it spares you a lot of time to think about almost anything and makes your mind to wander around all sorts of things. Say for example, our minds won’t get too occupied by just stroking a paint brush against the wall. I mean, we don’t really need a fairly huge amount of thinking by doing so, do we? Well partly, yes, it’d be troublesome if you accidentally paint the electric outlet by not focusing, but I think you get what I mean. Trust me, I’ve been there. That’s how I even come up with this idea in the first place.

Now you’ve just got a brilliant topic to discuss and also did something productive at the same time.

  • Go out for a bit. Pay a visit to your friends or go some place else where you get to have a conversation with a couple of people. This can be a better way to divert your focus on other things for a moment. We need to relax once in a while and somehow we could stumble upon interesting stuff along the way. 


  • Read, read, read. Basically the most common way to gather sources of information and ideas. Nothing else can be a lot easier than being able to know about different kinds of things that matter. Well let’s face it, we can’t deny the fact that reading can be a little too boring sometimes. That’s why we rather hang out with our friends playing videogames than to spend our free time in the library, reading. I’m not saying chilling or enjoying life is bad. Either ways, both activities are appealing. But one thing really cool about reading? It enables us to picture out things through imagination, thus, widens the range of our imagery. Plus, it builds up our arsenal of vocabulary.