Air Jordans - A Hot Commodity

Air Jordan shoes are a high demand item in the resale market. A quick search on Ebay returns over 104,000 items. Many of these are priced over $150 and come in a variety of models. Whether you are looking for Air Jordan 11’s or Air Jordan 13’s there is a significant market for the resale of these high demand shoes. How can you tell the shoes you just put in a $130 bid for are authentic? Should you look at the laces? Is the “jumpman” logo right? Here are five indicators which point you down the path of authenticating Air Jordan’s as the real deal.

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Step 1 - Find the real deal first

The first step is to find a known authentic picture of the Air Jordan shoes you want to purchase. Search online for the specific Air Jordan model and find a major retailer to pull pictures from. These institutions are too deeply invested to post pictures of a false product on their site. Additionally, there are reputable sites which deal specifically in understanding the differences in knock off variants of these high demand shoes. This is just your starting point. Your next step is to look for obvious blemishes.

Step 2 - Look for the obvious

Not all Air Jordan counterfeits are of the highest quality. The well informed buyer will look for the obvious blemishes first. Examine your pictures from the first step and compare the “jumpman” logos to those of authentic shoes. Additionally, buyers should be sensitive to unusual color schemes. Shoes with unique color schemes are frequently advertised as “unique” or “custom” and should be thoroughly inspected by consumers. Lastly, look for obvious blemishes such as incorrect tongue length. These problems are easy to find and can hasten your search for a legitimate purchase.  

Step 3 - It is all about the laces

A third characteristic of fake Air Jordan shoes concerns the placement of the lace holes. Authentic Air Jordan sneakers offset the placement of the lace holes closest to the toes. These holes are usually bigger or wider than lace holes toward the top of the shoe. Additionally, these holes are usually placed in a curve with the next to last lace hole placed further out than others. Other keys to identifying fake shoes are not so clear.

Step 4 - Tag the fakes

The forth item shoppers should examine concerns the production number of the shoe. The production number is located on the tag inside the shoe. This number should match the number listed after the model name on the box. Mismatches on this detail should definitely raise a flag for potential buyers. Also, if this information is not included in the available pictures, you may want to request the seller disclose the information to prove the authenticity of the shoe. Sellers unwilling to do so should be dropped from your list of potential deals.

Step 5 - Is the price right?

The last item you should focus on is price. Air Jordan shoes of all models are in high demand. This creates a seller’s market and increases prices for the shoes. As such, any shoe for sale less than $100 should be questioned. Multiple people frequently bid on these shoes when prices are over $100, so anything priced less is suspicious. Why would a seller opt to sell his high demand shoes for $80 when he can easily get $150 or more? If it feels like you are being lied to, you probably are!

Take 10 minutes to not get swindled

When it comes to adding another pair of Air Jordan’s to your collection, take the time to run through these five steps to ensure you are not swindled out of your money. Take a quick look at the three minute video below and see the type of obvious differences between a set of real and replica Air Jordan shoes. All things considered, running through these steps should take you no more than 10 minutes and could save you hundreds of dollars.

Air Jordan replica vs. authentic comparison

Keep checking back

This is a great start to ensuring the Air Jordan shoes you buy on the internet are authentic, however this is just the beginning of your journey. Keep checking back for my upcoming articles as I dive deep into the differences on individual models of shoes and help you identify the replicas from the real deal. If you would like to see a particular model of shoe broken down and analyzed, please follow me (look on the top right) and leave me a comment. Let me do the work so you do not have to!

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