All too often people give up on their exercise routines because they end up feeling sick from exercising. Feeling nauseous, light headed or weak are common complaints people have -- and reasons they give -- for giving up on an exercise routine. Following some simple steps can prevent this from happening.

Eat a well balanced meal at least a couple hours before engaging in any exercise to prevent yourself from feeling sick. Your blood sugar level will drop during exercise and this can lead to feelings nausea, being light headed and weak. Eating enough protein at your meal time will help blood sugar remain at an appropriate level while exercising.

Drink at least 64 ounces of water to stay well hydrated. Don't drink a lot of fluids right before exercise as this will often lead to an upset stomach. If you are engaging in heavy exercise it would be fine to sip at some room temperature water but not to gulp it down.

Engage in a level of exercise that is appropriate for you. If you have been sedentary for a long time, it isn't wise to jump up and attempt to run for 5 miles. If you push your body too hard you will experience feeling light headed, nauseous, weak and dehydrated. Consult your doctor for an appropriate exercise routine.

Practice a cool down routine to slowly bring your heart rate back to normal and allow your muscles to gradually relax. Take deep and even breathes to return oxygen levels to normal and help you avoid feeling light headed and nauseous.