Health can be compared with anything in this world. People say that health is priceless and that’s true. If you have health problem, you can do anything that you like, enjoying your day and have fun with your loved one. Some of health problem even cause a worst effect that you can imagine. One of the health problems that can cause that bad thing is Schizophrenia.

It’s mental disorder that makes you unable to control your personality or in short, we can say that in your body there’re two people with two different personality and thought. That’s sound scary, isn’t it? Therefore, it’s important for you to know the Schizophrenia Symptoms, so, if you found it on you or other people that you know, you or that people can get the treatment for this problem.

The first and common Schizophrenia Symptoms that you need to notice is hallucination. The hallucination symptoms can be classified into four categories. There’s tactile hallucination. Person who has this symptom will feel that there’s something that touch their body, like many insects moving all over their body. The next category is auditory hallucination. If someone that you know or yourself can hear something or communicate with someone that’s not existed in real life, that’s one of sign of this hallucination.

The olfactory hallucination has sign that a person can smell things that no one can and the last type of hallucination is visual hallucination, where you can see an object that doesn’t exist. Next symptoms of schizophrenia are mood swings. Someone can feel really happy at one moment and suddenly feel sad or we can say unpredictable mood change.

Most of people who have schizophrenia also try to withdraw from social life and have low confidence. The physical gesture of people who suspected has schizophrenia problem is always changing. You might find that your friend’s way of walk is like other people or the way they speak is totally different than what you know.

If you find all that symptoms on your friend, family or your friend told you that you’re like someone else, its better, you contact doctor or physician to find out about Schizophrenia Symptoms that you or your friend might have. By doing that as soon as possible, you or your friend can get the treatment that you need and that means the possibility to be cured from this problem is also higher and you can avoid this serious mental disorder.

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