Many people believe that they would be safer in an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) because it is heavier, larger and tougher than regular-sized vehicles. Unfortunately, they are wrong. This is because the very strengths of SUVs are in fact their biggest drawbacks when it comes to accident resistance.

Rollover collisions are the most common type of SUV accidents today. The following are some factors that contribute to this fact:

  • SUVs have a higher center of gravity than other vehicles, causing them to turn over when making sharp turns.

  • SUVs lack roll bar protection to prevent rolling over.

  • Most SUVs have weak roofs, inflicting head and neck injuries to their occupants.

If your SUV was involved in a rollover accident, you may need to obtain a certain amount of money to pay for your property and medical expenses. Under federal and state laws, you may get compensated for all your costs provided that you prove the following factors:

  • The SUV rollover accident was caused by another party's negligence. Negligence is present in an accident if it was attended by:

Ø Driver negligence – This is the most common cause of vehicle accidents in general. Some instances of driver negligence include driving under the influence (DUI) and distracted driving.

Ø Defective vehicle components – In this type of fault, product liability may be charged to the manufacturer if the defect was caused by its negligence in the manufacturing process.

Ø Poor road conditions – Some roads are said to be prone to accidents. If you had an SUV rollover accident because of road defects, you may sue the government or the road contractor.

  • The accident has caused your injuries and property damages. Written evidence is crucial in proving damages like these. You may also take photos of your vehicle and injuries after the SUV rollover accident.

  • You deserve to be compensated for your damages. You should make an effort to recover from your damages. Document all your efforts and use it when filing your lawsuit afterwards.

While proving these things you may present certain files, records and reports to make your claim stronger. Getting witnesses would also help confirm the information you have presented. However, remember that even the defendant may use a witness against you. You have to prepare for such situations so you would win your SUV rollover accident lawsuit and receive the compensation you deserve.

SUVs may indeed be handy in family outings, long trips, and vacations because of its large storage capacity. But as a driver you still have to be in control of your vehicle if you want to prevent getting into a collision, especially rollover accidents.