Birth certificates are often needed for applying to all kinds of things, and are also often lost. Many people tend to panic if they discover that they cannot find their birth certificate, although luckily there are easy ways of obtaining a new copy from your local division of vital records.

Things You Will Need

* Internet access
* Pen
* Paper
* Money

Step 1

Search for 'Birth Certificates' on your preferred internet search engine and look at the first page of results. Although there are many different companies which advertise and deal in records, the official CDC (Center for disease control) page has all the necessary information and allows both online ordering and written options.

Access the CDC homepage and search for birth certificates. Next click on the link that says 'Where to write for vital records'.

Step 2

Now select the appropriate state which you were born in and click on the name of the state. The next screen you will be taken to has the address of the office you need to write to as well as the web pages that that particular state has for dealing with birth certificates

Step 3

Decide whether you want to apply online or whether you would prefer to make a written application. Generally speaking either are reliable, and usually the same price also. Applying online is usually faster however, as mailing a letter takes several days to arrive before your application can be processed.

Step 4

If writing an application, then write your full name, your parents full names and what you are asking for. Also put your date of birth and address you want the certificate sent to. Payment is usually required to be either a money order or personal check, although different states have slightly different payment methods available.

If you are applying online, then simply fill in the form from the state website and pay for the certificate with your credit card.
Wait a few days and your birth certificate will arrive through a courier delivery. You are then free to use your birth certificate for whatever you are applying for as a form of identification.

Tips & Warnings