Opening Your Own Karate Studio

In many cases as martial artist come through the ranks and from white belt to black belt they dream of one day doing what their instructor does for a living and to one day open up their very own martial arts school. If that is what you wish to do then please read along as I give you step by step instructions on the best ways to being your martial arts career all the way to starting your own business.

Prior to Opening Your Own Martial Arts School

Prior to opening your own martial arts school you want to make sure that you have acquired the skills and level of expertise that is required in order to be the top instructor and leader of a school. At a minimum you need to be a black belt. I recommend that you gain the following experience prior to opening the doors of your martial arts school.

  1. Have at least 4 years of training under your belt (no pun intended)
  2. Are ranked Black Belt or Above
  3. Have been an instructor at a martial arts school for at least 1 year
  4. Have experience teaching all ages
  5. Have managed a martial arts school for some time

Once you have satisfied the above requirements you are in most cases capable of running your own school.

How to Open Your Martial Arts School

Step 1 - You are going to want to find a good area for your school to be located. A good area is where the people who live within a 3 - 5 mile radius can afford to pay $125 per month for lessons. Also, you need to be aware of the demographic that you intend to teach. If your school specializes in children you want to be in a young community rather than a retirement community.

Step 2 - Drive around and search for a good location for your martial arts school. There are great arguments as to what is the best location for your school but I would say that in many cases you want to keep the rent as low as possible yet be visible, thus, the best spot is to be tucked away somewhere in the middle of a big shopping plaza. The big shopping plaza with a grocery store is great because the whole community must visit at some point.

Step 3 - Get startup capital - This may be the trickiest part to starting your own karate studio however there are lots of different places you can get the money. For example, y0ur savings, family, friends, small business loan, grants, etc. Look around and you shall find.

Step 4 - Once you have found that ideal location for your school it is time to negotiate your lease. This is critical because a good lease can make the difference as to whether you are able to stay in business or not. I strongly recommend that you consult a real estate lawyer to ensure your best interests are being protected. When negotiating the lease a good rule of thumb is to make the lease agreement as short term as possible typically 1 year to 18 months with an option to renew at the same rate at the end of the lease term.

Step 5 - So you've signed your lease now it's time to get the mat (puzzle mats work great), install the mirrors, hang the heavy bags, setup the office, and hire the staff.

Step 6 - Host a Grand Opening - once you are ready to open host a grand opening for the community to let everyone know that you are there! It is a great idea to tie your grand opening in with a charity to help promote press coverage which is essential FREE advertising!

Good Luck!