Do you want to learn how to use a lighter as a beer bottle opener? One of my biggest pet peeves occurs when I buy a six-pack pack of my favorite import beer, and take it out to a barbeque or some other byob venue, only to discover that I do not have a beer bottle opener. It is one of the most frustrating feelings in the world to discover that you have come so close, but remain so far from completing your objective. There is that metal cap separating you from enjoying your cold refreshing beverage. Well, be frustrated no more! If you have a soft plastic lighter and some proper technique, you can easily learn how to open a beer bottle using only a lighter. Follow the instructions below carefully…

Step 1: Hold the beer bottle close to the bottle cap in one hand. The gap between your fingers and lip of the bottle cap needs to be slightly less than the width of your lighter. A lighter on average is approximately lighter 3 inches tall, 3/4 inches wide, and 1/4 inch thick.

To use the lighter as the beer bottle opener, you are going to use the bottom end of the lighter to remove the bottle cap. Do not under any circumstances attempt to use the metal part. This may not only potentially damage the lighter and, but there is also a high risk of cutting yourself. Hold the metal end of the lighter firmly in your other hand in the same manner that you would hold a stick to poke someone.

Step 2: Relax your hand holding onto the beer bottle. Rest one edge of the lighter on the side of your finger closest to the bottle cap. Wedge the lighter in between that space so that it fits beneath the beer bottle cap and your knuckle. For those of you that have a basic knowledge of physics, we are using the power of leverage and creating a fulcrum between our index finger and the lighter shaft to create the force to remove the beer bottle cap.

At this point, the bottom of the lighter should now be standing up vertically between your finger and the lip of the bottle cap, trapped in a gap of 3/4 of an inch between your finger and the cap.

Squeeze down on the beer and you should feel one edge of the lighter digging into the flesh on one side of your index finger. The other edge should now be pushing up on the bottle cap causing it to dig into the soft plastic edge of your lighter. The force that is required to lift off the bottle cap primarily comes from leveraging the force between the lighter as a lever and the pressure placed on the beer bottle with your cap squeezing the beer. If you do not feel a lot of pressure on your finger, start over with your fingers positioned slightly closer to the cap.

Step 3: While you continue to squeeze down hard on the beer, push down on the metal end of the lighter. This will cause the lighter to bend the lip of the bottle cap out away from the beer bottle. If the lighter is correctly applied as a lever and enough fulcrum force is created, the bottle cap will fly off.

If you only manage to bend the cap a little, you are still doing great. If one side becomes pried up, simply try again on the other side of the cap and pry that side away from the bottle too.

Using these simple steps, you can successfully open a beer bottle with a lighter and never have to worry about carrying a beer bottle opener around with you.