Daycares are important to many parents who must leave their child at a daycare facility to attend work each day to put a roof of their head and food on the table for their family. When parents leave their children at these facilities they want to know they are safe and well cared for. You can provide a safe and healthy place for children to be while their parents are away by learning how to open a daycare center in New Jersey.

Create a business plan. Write down details of how you plan to finance and start a daycare center in New Jersey. Include information about how you plan to staff the center as well as what type of marketing and promotions you'll do to promote the services you provide to prospective parents. Identify a timeline with milestones leading up to the opening of your daycare center as well as making it a profitable business. For a guide available to use when drafting your daycare business plan, visit the website of the Michigan Small Business Development Center.

Secure funding. Use your business plan to apply for a business loan to finance the start up of your daycare center in New Jersey. Visit with a loan officer from your bank or credit union to learn what loans you may qualify for based on your credit history and score. Find a business partner able to qualify for commercial loans and finance the start of your daycare center if your credit prevents you from doing this on your own.

Find a facility. Hire a local real estate agent from your community to assist you in finding a facility that can meet the needs of your daycare center. Look for a property with multiple rooms on one level as well as one that provides fenced-in outdoor space for children to play. Check that the center also offers office space since this is where records and financial information will be kept. Obtain a certificate of occupancy from a local zoning official to ensure the property has been properly zoned for a childcare center.

Register the daycare. Complete the employer identification number (EIN) form from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by visiting their website or calling the business tax line at 800-829-4933. Find out what sales tax regulations apply to your daycare center by contacting a representative from the department of revenue at your state and local government. Ensure compliance with any tax regulations and also obtain a city business license as well. Purchase general liability insurance to cover your business in the event someone is injured.

Buy equipment and supplies. Purchase toys and activities that encourage learning and creativity. Find playground equipment to place outdoors for children to use when weather permits. Get furniture for small children to outfit daycare classrooms while purchasing office chairs, desks and computers for the office section of the daycare center. Develop a budget and method for ordering disposable items such as food, paper and craft supplies.

Apply for a license. Submit an application for licensing your daycare center to the New Jersey Department of Children Family. Provide proof of your credentials including education and experience, and do this for other staff as well who will be serving in leadership roles in your organization. Draft emergency plans and procedures for your daycare as well as a daily schedule and present these with your application. Have your facility inspected by the fire marshal, health department and a representative from the Department of Children and Family prior to receiving your license.

Promote the daycare. Advertise the services provided at your daycare center to parents in your local community via radio, newspaper and television. Hang flyers at community centers, libraries, schools, churches and other places frequented by parents. Create a website or place an ad on Craigslist. Register your daycare with any childcare referral agencies in your community since parents often contact them when they need assistance in finding a place for their children.