Opening an email attachment is a pretty basic task. Some people who aren't Internet savvy may have problems doing so and this is who this article was created for. If you want to know how to open an email attachment, please follow the below noted suggestions.

The first thing that you need to look for in your email when opening an email attachment is the big paper clip. If you do not see the word "attachment" or see a paper clip in the email that you are opening, the chances are that the email does not have an attachment and it was not sent correctly.

To open an attachment varies with each program that you use. Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Express are all a bit different, however I will describe generally what you need to do for each email service.

At the bottom of a Gmail email you will see that it says there is an email attachment. It will give you the option to open as a Goggle document, to view and download. Google has to be the easiest program to open an email attachment from. This is all you have to do with Google and that is scroll down to the end of the email to open the attachment.

The same thing goes with Hotmail. If there is an attachment with Hotmail, you will see a paper clip indicating that you have an attachment. To open it, just click on the hyper link and it will ask you if you want to save it or open it. This is how to open an email attachment with Google and Hotmail.

With Internet explorer email and outlook express, the main thing to do is find the paper clip. When you see it, just click on it and it will bring up the files that are attached to the email. Once you do this you will be given the option to download them or view them. If you do not see the paper clip, just read through the email top to bottom and look for where it says the attachments are. Make sure that none of the relevant information in the email is blocked so that you can download whatever is in it. If it is blocked, you may have to unblock it. It will tell you how in the email. These are the most basic steps for learning how to open an email attachment. Good luck.