With its patent pending design, the new Weber Denture Liners claims to have solved the problem of loose dentures by using, lowers, uppers and shape-able disks. Users, who want comfortable fitting dentures without soreness and pain, may find a solution in the Weber Denture Liners. You can order the preformed kit, which fits the upper and lower jaw. You may also order a shape-able disk, which you shape with your fingers until you get your desired fit. The latter better suits users with irregularities or complex dental issues. According to the Originals By Weber website, there are six benefits to wearing Weber Denture Liners. Some of these benefits include better stability, increased support, more comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Things You Will Need

Telephone or computer

Credit Card


Step 1

To order Weber Denture Liners online, simply go to the "Originals By Weber" website and place your order. You can also order through Amazon online.

Step 2

To Order by Phone, decide which kit you want to purchase. The prices below are as of January 2011.

Choose the regular kit, item # (WDL- RK-4), which contains four disk-shaped Liners, a bottle of adhesive powder as well as instructions, for $21.95 plus $3.60 shipping and handling.

Choose the trial kit, item # (WDL-TK-2), which contains two disk-shaped Liners, one bottle of denture adhesive powder and instructions for $14.95 plus $3.60 shipping and handling.

Choose the preformed upper or lower denture liners kit, which includes 10 liners and a bottle of adhesive in every package. The preformed upper and lower denture liner package with instructions is $39.95 plus $3.60 shipping and handling.

Step 3

Prepare your credit card information. Originals by Weber accepts all major credit cards. Make sure you have the card including the three-digit security code ready. Order using a check-by-phone if that is your preference.

Step 4

Call Originals By Weber's toll free phone number at 1-877-309-8382. Use their local phone number 732-874-0353 if that is a better option for you. Cash on deliver or C.O.D is accepted only in certain cases because of the costs attached. Call and speak to the owner if you wish to pay by C.O.D.

Step 5

Select first class mail to receive your dentures within four to five days. Select priority mail to receive your dentures within three days.

Step 6

Inspect your package once you receive it. Call the toll free phone number to discuss any problems with your shipment. Try on one of the dentures in the packet to test its fit. Return any unused dentures that did not fit properly for a full refund of your payment minus shipping and handling charges.

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Tips & Warnings


  • · Don't wait too long after receiving your package to try on the liners.
  • · Call the toll free number at any time to ask questions about your particular case before ordering.


· The money back guarantee is only for unused liners, so be careful not to use more than one if you intend to return the package.