Take Lots of Pictures

It's good to know how to organize digital pictures when it is so easy to take pictures by the hundred with today's convenient digital camera. It wasn't that long ago that the processing of 35mm film would cause people to limit pictures to a chosen few, but today we snap everything in sight since digital cameras are capable of holding hundreds upon hundreds in memory cards and it cost nothing unless we print.

One of the hardest parts about using a digital camera today is knowing how to organize digital pictures so that they will be found again some day and so won't be lost or corrupted. There is no longer a negative to keep safe somewhere. Instead, you need a strategy to keep your memories captured digitally safe for the long run. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Save Early

For starters, when you get back from that vacation, graduation, or family reunion, save your pictures to a place other than the camera memory card quickly. The longer you leave it in only one place the more likely you will lose your pictures. Worse, you will end up wanting to take more pictures and have a full memory card which will force you to delete pictures to make room or avoid new pictures. That is easy to avoid with frequent saves.

Save Often

Saving digital camera pictures takes time, so doing this often makes the job smaller and fast. Don't wait until you have 1,000 pictures to save. Do it after each event to keep your camera memory clean.

Save Twice

Don't just save your pictures to a computer hard drive. Eventually you will lose that when your computer crashes. Save them twice for safe keeping. A great way to save pictures a second time is with a portable hard drive. Simply plug it in, save the pictures, and unplug it to store it in a safe place. A small lightweight portable hard drive will hold thousands of pictures easily, plus you can bring it with you or store it at another site if you like. Another option is to save to DVD, but this does take time and there is no more guarantee that a DVD will not be corrupted as there is a portable hard drive. Still, that option is available.

Save Online

Online photo albums are everywhere and you will find free digital picture storage available at a number of sites. With these sits you will need to upload your pictures over the internet which does take a long time. The benefit is that your pictures are in the cloud, meaning online, so the stability of your computer is no longer an issue in keeping them safe. Check out the quality, however, since the upload process will normally alter the pictures to make them take less space. That means this is not a great option as your only safekeeping method.

Create Albums

The best way to organize your digital pictures is with albums. Whether online or on your hard drive, create folders for each album. For some a folder for each year is enough depending in volume. For others, sub folders in those years are needed by month of by event. The idea is to make pictures easy to find when you go looking.

Create Tags

If you have the time, and you will need time, you can tag your pictures with relevant keywords to use to search for them later. For example, you can tag a picture from your garden with terms like tomato, garden, vegetable, or backyard. Then, when you want to call up all of your pictures of tomatoes you will have them tagged and they will be easy to find.

Start Organizing Digital Pictures Now

Start organizing your pictures now. Save them often, have a second place to keep them, and organize them in albums with tags, and you will have a very organized set of digital photo albums. If you know how to organize digital pictures and take the time to do it, you will reap the benefits later when you need to find the ones you are looking for.