A lot of people these days are looking to supplement their income online. Since you will most likely nIncome Streamseed to do this with multiple sites, making you a small amount of money from each site, here is a way to organize these income streams so that you will be able to keep up on each one every day and be more profitable.

* Sign up for multiple sites to make money online. If you have not signed up to any sites to make money online yet, click on the links below for sites that I personally know work, and I make money on currently.

What you will need:

* Favorites tab

* Diligence checking each site daily


1. Sign up to money making sites if you have not done so already. I recommend sites like InfoBarrel, where you can make extra money writing informative articles. Other ones that are great are Bukisa and Associated Content. Just be sure to write different articles on each one and don't just copy and paste. They all want original work. Other sites that can make you money each month are ones like Clixsense and Neobux, where you make money clicking on advertisements and referring others to do the same. You can also make extra cash with sites like Inbox Dollars, where you make money by reading emails, getting cash back on shopping online, signing up for offers and taking short surveys. Yet another way you can make extra money is by taking surveys. My favorite for surveys is Global Test Market. See the links if any of these interest you.

2. During the process of signing up for each money-making site, use a small notebook or journal to write down all of your passwords and any information that you will need to remember. It will make your life easier to have this information all located in the same place.

3. After joining each site you wish to join, save it to your favorites tab. If you don't know how to do this, it is really easy and helpful in keeping organized. While you are on your member page, just click your favorites tab, which is located in the top left corner of your screen. Then click "add to favorites", and it will be saved to your favorites for quick and easy future access. A lot of these sites will remember your password as well, so you won't even have to sign in each time.

4. Now that you have them all saved to favorites, go ahead and create a new folder in your favorites and title it "extra cash" or "online income". Then, move each one of the online income sites you saved to favorites into that folder by dragging them from their current location into the new folder. Move that folder to the top of your favorites for easier access.

5. Now that you are all set up, make sure you set aside a time each day that you will go through the folder and check each site. Click on any new ads you have, complete any new surveys or offers, do some shopping, or write an article. Do this every day. It is a lot easier to stay on top of these income streams when you have them well organized.

6. Use traffic exchange sites like Traffic Swarm and Easy Hits 4 U to get referrals on pay per click sites.