Is your closet looking a little cluttered? Is it hard to find the clothes you want to wear? It could be that you have too many clothes, or the clothes you have are not well organized in your closet. If you enjoy shopping, but have a hard time letting go of old clothes, or you just don't have a system for organizing your clothes in your closet, follow these steps that closet organizers take to sort your closet and make it more functional for you.

Make a pile of clothes you never wear anymore.

For me, and some other people I'm sure, I keep bags of old clothes. Why? Well, I'll start thinking maybe fashions will change and they'll be stylish again, or that I'll lose weight and fit into them, or that I could use them for parts of costumes or sewing projects. And while that’s possible, when your closet becomes overcrowded it's time to let stuff go.  Sort through these long forgotten threads first. 

Differentiate these clothes from the pile of rarely used clothes. 

These are clothes which are worn or don't look good on you. If you've stopped wearing an article of clothing, it's probably because you just don't like it anymore. It might be frayed, misshapen or old-looking from many washings. Nothing will fix those things so just let them go. Try filling at least one bag full of clothes that you will get rid of, then give them to charity. You'll feel good about giving to a good cause and you'll get your closet back.

Identify which clothes you LOVE.

Maybe these clothes are out of style, don't fit, or kept for sentimental reasons. Try letting some of these go. If you're not ready to do so, and I can relate, box them up. Then next year when you try again, you might find you're ready since you find you STILL haven’t worn them, and they're taking up space.  Good closet organizers know sorting is an ongoing process, and if you make the process too painful for you this time around, you're less likely to start the process again next year.

Sort your remaining clothes. 

There are 3 schools of thought on how closet organizers should sort clothes.  The first is by color; to do this, think of the color wheel.  Group reds, then oranges, yellows, then greens, blues, then purples, then black, grey and brown clothing.  The second sorting method is by season.  If the colder weather is approaching, put your heavier clothes in the front, more accessible area, and keep your spring and summer clothes towards the back.  The third way to sort your clothing is by type.  That is, group pants together, shirts together, jackets together, and so on.  I prefer this method since the weather can change quickly in New England.

Air out your closet

Do so by keeping the closet doors open overnight.  This not only airs out your clothes, it also reminds you the next morning of your accomplishment the day before.  You can also freshen up the closet with some cedar blocks.  Good luck with your closet organizing!