If you love to do your nails, and prefer to do your own at home, you know you need lots of supplies.

The problem is that these supplies tend to take over space.  You love lots of colors, and you want lots of choice, but now they are in all corners of the bathroom vanity, on your dresser, and in drawers.  You may even duplicate colors simply because you have so many, that you forgot.

My grown daughter absolutely loves to do her nails and she has accumulated many little bottles of all shapes and sizes.  She decided it was time to get organized, and organized them by color and the variations of that color and then loaded them into a cabinet with shelves.  This is one option, but I came across a few options that I thought would make a great gift for her as they are more portable, which is great if you want to take them to your friend’s house for a “do your nails” day or even on vacation to look your best.

nail polish organizerCredit: amazon.com

Portable Nail Caddy

This one is plastic and stores 60 bottles of all your favourite polishes.  There is also a compartment for the remover and cotton pads and any grooming tools you will need.  This can be displayed upright at home or can be simply closed and carried with you.

This is an affordable way to get them off the counters, out of drawers and somewhere safe and ready for use.  You can organize them by color, brand or whatever works for you.  Also a great way to keep them away from younger kids.

nail polish organizer boxCredit: amazon.com
SHANY Color Matters - Nail Accessories Organizer and Makeup Train Case - Black
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(price as of Jan 22, 2017)

Nail Polish Organizer and Makeup Case

This one is definitely a robust case that can sit on your dresser but be ready at a moment’s notice to take to a friend’s house or on vacation.  It also has enough room to house makeup, brushes and accessories, so this can be everything in one makeup case organizer.

nail polish organizerCredit: amazon.com

Tabletop Nail Polish Organizer

If you don’t really need to travel with your polishes, but you want to clean up the dresser or vanity, this one has sections to line up the bottles and a little drawer for accessories.  It is amazing just how much room you can gain by corralling these little bottles of color. 

This one can sit on your dresser and look cute with the bright colors showing, so will brighten your room, or it can sit on the vanity ready any time you are.  No more duplicates, you can see right away just what you own and can keep all the accessories in one spot.

nail polish organzierCredit: amazon.com

Rotating Metal Stand

If you have a serious collection, and would like to not only organize it but have it on display, this one would suit you.  Although not really portable it would be great for your home if you have the counter space.  Looks good and also adds some brilliant colors to your décor.

It will hold 44 nail polishes that would be fun to show off if you have friends over for a “spa” day. 

nail polish organizerCredit: amazon.com
Home-X Nail Polish Bottle Holder
Amazon Price: $7.73 Buy Now
(price as of Jan 22, 2017)

Nail Polish Bottle Holder

I came across this awesome idea, and thought what a wonderful “hands free” way to do your nails.  It tilts the bottle so you have easier access.

Dollar Store

Another great option is the Dollar stores.  Take a measurement of your tallest bottle (some have tall lids) and then get creative in the discount stores.  You can check out the hardware section of plastic stackable bins, or the office section sells these too.  You could use stackable trays as long as they were tall enough for your bottles.

You could also get stackable plastic food containers with lids.  Get clear ones so that you can sort them by color, brand or finish and stack them on a shelf, dresser or vanity and be able to see into the container. 

You don’t have to spend a lot to get organized.  All I know is that these little bottles can take up huge space on a vanity, dresser or the medicine cabinet.  

Have all the Accessories in One Spot

By keeping the polishes, Emory boards, remover, cotton pads, and clippers all in one spot you are ready to do your nails quickly or have them ready for when friends come over.  I know my daughter loves to change out the polish all the time, so having it all in one spot can help. 

If you get enough colors you may forget which ones you have next time you are out shopping.

Take a Photo of Your Supplies

Take a picture with your phone of your nail polish organizer, whichever way you choose to sort them, and have it on hand next time you are out shopping and trying to remember what colors you have.  This way you don’t duplicate or make impulse purchases.

Nail Caddy – Great Gift Idea

If you have someone on your list who loves their manicures, then getting them a caddy or some kind of easy to use storage system, would be a welcomed gift.   

It has to be some kind of user friendly system, or bottles can easily end up back on the dresser, side table, vanity or where ever! 

So whatever you purchase has to be easy to use and easily accessed for it to be of any use.  But I like the idea of portability.  When my daughter came over for a mom daughter spa day at my house she brought in a portable case that she kept everything in, instead of picking out what she thought we would need.