Whether you have company coming soon or you want to sell your house or you simply don’t have the time for a huge cleaning marathon for junk, but are going crazy looking at it, there are quick things you can do that will help to jump start you into de-cluttering your life.

Many studies have shown that getting rid of clutter can have a positive effect on your mood.  One of my pet peeves is knick knacks and magazine piles.

As a kid at home, one of my weekly chores was to dust the living room, and there would be open shelves full of knick knacks that would take me forever to dust and put back.

I used to tell my mom that things would clean faster if there were not so many of these, but she loved them so they stayed.

If You Only have 30 Minutes to organize your room

If you are having company or you simply want to get started on de-cluttering but don’t know where to start and are short on time, here are some suggestions.  Even 30 minutes is enough time to get the ball rolling.

Step 1 – Grab a couple of garbage bags or boxes or more.  One bag or box will be for items you want to keep but they don’t belong in that room or they need dealing with.  The other bag will be for garbage.  You could even have another back for donation if you think you will have items like that.

Step 2 – Pick the room in question, then starting from one corner, pick up anything loose laying on the floor, table or furniture such as magazines, clothing items, shoes, knick knacks, take a look at it quickly and using the 5 second rule (look at the item for 5 seconds and then decide quickly whether it is a keeper or toss or donate).  Then make a decision and toss in the box or bag.

If this is a bedroom for example, then quickly throw clothes that are on the floor into one of the boxes to be folded or washed when you have gone around the room.  The idea is that you will go from one corner all the way around the room basically sorting things into piles.  This makes it quicker.  Try not to go here and there around the room.  Actually start at one corner and keep moving around the room organizing your boxes or bags of stuff.

Old magazine can go in the toss box, and you can accumulate the clothes you keep tripping over into another box.  Keep going around the room until all the surfaces are clear of clutter and you can see the floor.

Step 3 - Now take the “garbage” box or bag and get it out of the room right now.  You can put it in your garage or the trunk of your car, but get it out of the house so you don’t go back through it.  It is history, and you don’t want it cluttering up the room, now you just need to deal with what you see.

Take a cloth and wipe down and dust your new found cleaned off surfaces, such as the dresser or coffee table or side tables depending on the room you chose to start with and vacuum or sweep the floor.

Now look at the box or boxes you have accumulated your things in.  If they are clothes and need to be washed then put them in the laundry room.  Take a look at what is left in your box.  There could be items that you want to keep but they belong in another room.

Take a few minutes to think of ways to store those last few items so that they have a home and won’t end up on the surfaces, floor or furniture again.  This should have taken you less than 30 minutes.  You can now hide the “keep” box if you have company coming over but don’t forget about it.  Start to make a mental note of ways you can store some of these things.

Knick knacks and collectibles should probably go on shelves with glass doors this saves on dusting and they will stay organized for display. 

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Magazine Racks

If you love magazines but they get messy, then invest in a magazine rack that will get them off your table.  Each time a new magazine enters your home one must be tossed into recycling.  If you follow that rule they will not accumulate in a large pile on the table or in the bedrooms.  Piles of these can make a place look messy. 

If you like magazines in the bathroom, then find a cute basket to keep them in, you don’t want them accumulating on the back of the toilet or on the floor or vanity to get wet and messy.

The same with a bedroom, you can have a cute basket by your bed, or a actual bed rack that will hold magazines, books and even the remote.  Check online for some storage ideas that are easy to use and makes it easier to put things away.

Cosmetic Carousels

If you are trying to organize a bedroom fast and your dresser is full of cosmetics and beauty products, then invest in a carousel such as this one to house everything and keep the surface clean.  (If you need to do it right away, then find a small box or drawer to place these items in, but then research the carousel).

The idea behind this is to make it so that items have a home.  If they don’t have a home they will end up piling up somewhere in the house.

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Tips for Organizing Your Room Fast

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As you are about to begin sorting things out, just quickly take in the scene and see which items tend to accumulate the quickest on the surfaces.  If it is books, consider book cases, if it is clothes, then consider a closet organizer to make it easier to hang things up.  Is it clothes than need laundering, then consider an accessible clothes hamper in each room.

If everything has a home, then it is easier to put it away when you are rushed.  But remember, start at one corner and work your way around, this way it is not so overwhelming.