If you are planning to list and sell your house, then you will have to get mean with your stuff. You may be used to seeing it, but for those important "showings" you need to make it look like you have a lot of space, so just how do your organize a closet to look like a showroom and not like you really live there? It is not too hard once you get started.

How to Organize a Closet - If you have been cleaning the house and clearing clutter, remember you can't just stuff it in the closets, as that is one of the first places people look when going through a house. A real estate agent friend of mine, once told me, that when he brings clients through a house for sale, they instantly open closets first, then kitchen cabinets and so on. So, they need to know they have enough space in your house for their own stuff. So you can't jam it all in the garage either!

So, the point of this exercise, is to look like you have clean, organized and roomy closets. To organize a closet to look clean, simply means, taking a lot of it out. But you may want to go further than that. If you have one of those closets where the kids open the door and kick their shoes inside it, (you did tell them to put their shoes and boots in the closet right?) more than likely there are marks on the walls. Closets take a beating, and many times they don't even get a coat of paint at all, or maybe just the painters grade in new houses.

Closets get forgotten when it comes to painting a room, because no one wants to empty them, so they may be sporting the same color as the bedroom color which may now be totally different.

These marks and dirt may not show up much with a stuffed closet, but if you want a showroom style closet, you need to empty it right out. Lightly wash the walls and then paint it. I know this seems like a lot of work, but nothing looks cleaner than a fresh coat of paint in a closet. Stick to your neutrals or the same color as your trim. Not dark colors, something light and fresh. Make sure you cover the carpet in the closet with a drop cloth.

How to Organize a Closet - Once you have it painted, then clean the carpet that is in there too. You don't want dirty carpet in there. If it is really bad and you can't replace it, purchase a nice looking mat to sit on the carpet in there, and place a few pairs of nice shoes on it, so it looks neat and clean.

Closets tell a prospective buyer a bit about you. If they are jammed to the ceiling, this will not look good. They can't see what shape the walls in the closet are in, and now assume they will have to paint in there, plus the fact, it looks like you don't have enough storage.

Now you need to deal with all the stuff you dragged out of there. If you have the time, you should quickly separate this stuff into 3 piles. The stuff you will keep, the stuff you will give away or donate, and then garbage if you have totally worn out sneakers.

How to Organize a Closet - Once you have the closet all nice and clean and freshly painted, now it is time to take your keep pile, and you may have to thin this out a bit too. So, if you have a lot of stuff that still needs to go back into this closet, then get yourself a plastic tote, and take the seasonal stuff you are not using right now, and tuck away in this tote.

Now nicely put other things in this closet. I was told by my friend the agent, that putting clothes or coats on a hangers so that they don't touch, makes the closet look big and roomy.

Take your tote with the stuff you want to keep and along with other things you have taken out of the house, and invest in a rental storage unit, just while your house is for sale. You may think this seems like a waste of money, but by getting the extra stuff out of your house and closets and off the property is the best way to show your house. No point in clearing clutter and spending all that time on organizing closets, just to have it all piled up in the garage or shed. They will find it!

Remember, they are looking to buy your home, if they come across a area filled with boxes and totes from cleaning out the house, then they are going to believe that you don't have the storage room in this house.

How to Organize a Closet - So do the above to all your closets, and clear out some clutter from the main living areas, and then rent that unit. Your house will look clean and organized. It may seem hard to live in it like this, but if you store off season things and things you don't use much or won't need for the next month or so, your house will look like a showroom, and it will be much easier to keep clean for those last minute showings.

So, if you want to know how to organize a closet to look showroom great? Recap: clear it out into 3 manageable piles to go through for keeping or donating or throwing away. Clean and repaint the inside of the closet, put things back in and don't let the hangers of selected clothes touch, to give the impression of lots of room. Then rinse and repeat for the other closets in the house.

Remember, when you are restocking your closet, don't put your stinky old sneakers back in there, or your dirty laundry, keep your best shoes on the floor in sight, so it looks like you do live there, but neatly!