When we downsized and the kids moved out, I was left with a very full linen closet stuffed with sheets and towels and many odd pillow cases.  This hall closet had been stuffed with many items that didn’t even belong in there. 

When it came time to move I donated many items, but there was still too much clutter for my new hall linen closet in a much smaller older house.  As I looked at the items, I realized I didn’t even own the beds anymore that many of these sheets belonged too!

I realized that it didn’t really take too much effort to organize it, and what better time than when we first moved in.  But even if you are not moving in the near future, this space can become cluttered so quickly as we hurriedly put clean towels and sheets on top of a pile on the shelves and then slam the door shut, meaning to fix it later.

If you have had piles of sheets and towels tumble out of your linen storage closet or space, then maybe it is time to get it organized.  This will not only give you an idea of what you own but will stop you from purchasing too many more!  I had unexpected guests one weekend, and couldn’t find a set of matching sheets for the spare bed.  I ended up with a pile on the floor while I looked through them.  If this sounds familiar then maybe it is time for a bit of organizing.

You don’t have to spend much but there are options you can get online that may work for you or maybe you have some containers around the house that will help keep “like with like

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Step 1 – Figure out what needs to be in this space.

Do you need to keep towels and bed sheets as well as bathroom supplies?  Once you have decided what needs to live in this spot, then you can decide the type of container you need.  Below are some great linen storage ideas that may help you out.

Step 2 – Haul it all out.

Every last piece and every last towel and then clean the shelves or cover them in MacTac or something similar to keep the shelves clean and smooth.

Step 3 – Keep, Donate or Sentence to the Painting and Renovation Pile

Put sets of sheets together in a pile for now, you can fold later as you put away, then make a pile for sheet sets that you don’t need any more, maybe the kids beds are gone now, these can be donated. 

Next are those odd sheets, usually the fitted ones are worn out but maybe the top sheet is in good shape, but not part of a set anymore, if you do a lot of painting in your home or need quick coverage, these sheets can come in handy for drop sheets for any project.  We keep old sheets in a plastic bin in the basement with painting supplies.

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Free Standing Linen Storage

If you simply do not have a closet dedicated to sheets and towels, then consider purchasing a free standing unit that can house baskets for your supplies that can sit in the back of the bedroom closet or even on its own as a piece of furniture.  If your space is small then something like this can be used for a storage unit for many other things as well, but you could dedicate each shelf/basket to separate items such as towels (roll them up for easier storage) sheet sets (if you don’t have a large home then maybe you only need a spare set of sheets for one bed, so this will not take up much room in a basket)

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Shelf Dividers

I find these to be a great way to stop piles of sheets and towels and other smaller items from falling over and becoming one big mess.  If you have the width in your line closet or maybe you need to share a larger bedroom closet, then you can separate things out with these adjustable dividers.  You could roll larger bath towels to make storing easier. 

These dividers make it so that you can use the height of each shelf without fear of falling over so it actually makes the space more user friendly.

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Hanging Organizer for the Closet

If you don’t have shelves or a separate linen space, and you can spare some room in a closet, then you can make use of the vertical space by hanging a portable shelving unit.  This doesn’t take up much width but does have a few shelves that you can use for towels, and sheets and even bathroom supplies.   This stops that pile from forming on your closet floor or shelf.

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Shelving Unit to Organize a Shelf

This is a free standing unit but can be used to make use of the vertical space in your linen closet.  It can be used anywhere, but if you have the width then you can sit this on a shelf and create instant storage or lots of items.  You could roll up towels and keep sets of sheets all on one shelf.  This is a fast way to create instant shelving as some hall closets do not have very many shelves installed.  It looks good when you open the door as well which is a plus if you are selling your house, because, yes, people will open the doors!

linen closet organizationCredit: amazon.com

Stacking Baskets

These are a great fall back item.  They are perfect for anything that needs to be stored, but especially the smaller items.  If you keep your toilet paper and soaps and other bathroom supplies in here as well then this is perfect leaving space for the towels and sheets, and this way you know what you have with just a glance.  You can stack these to use the vertical space either on the shelves or even the floor of the linen storage closet.

Dollar Store

Don’t forget to check out the dollar store for storage ideas.  If you budget is very small you can find all kinds of cool containers that could be used to separate the items.  The video above gives you some ideas for line storage ideas, but don’t forget you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep this area clear.  Just get creative with containers you own or check out the dollar store, or online as there is just so much to choose from.