When a bedroom is small then every square inch becomes pricy real estate.  You need to take advantage of every square inch to use this room to its full potential.  If you have the budget you could get all kinds of “built ins” added to the room for storage and display without adding furniture which tends to take up the most space, but most of us have to get creative with the finance part.

There are ways to organize the space to work well without tripping over everything and feeling jammed in like a sardine.  You need to first of all decide how you will use this room.  Sleeping yes, but do you like to read in bed for example?  Do you have a lot of clothes to find a home for?  Do you have space under your bed?  Vision using the room first thing in the morning when you are getting ready for work. 

Once you have answered a few questions on how you would use the room, then you can get to work and figure out which ideas will work best for you and your budget.  The first question:  Do you read in bed?  This means that you will need a night light and a night stand for your book or things will end up on the floor.  You can get lighting that attaches to the wall and then simply use a bedside storage for your books and other things that are usually on the night stand.

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1. Bedside Storage Caddy

These are really cool and attach directly to your bed, therefore eliminating the need for a night stand which can take up room.  If you literally do not have much space between the bedside  and the wall then using a bedside caddy will at least allow you a place to keep your books, and reading glasses etc.

You can get reading lamps that will clip to your headboard or actually attach to the wall for more space saving ideas and are actually better for reading as the light will be above and behind you.  But at least by using this affordable storage idea you will not be tripping over books when you get out of bed.

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2. Under Bed Storage

If you have the space under your bed, for example your bed is on a frame, then getting containers that will fit under there will be the best way to go for things that you would normally keep in a dresser. 

In a very small bedroom there simply is no room for the dresser or even a chair.  So, what do you keep in your dresser?  Underwear? Socks?  These can all be kept in portable drawer/containers that can easily slip under the bed and be organized to make it easier to get what you need, especially first thing.

If your mattress presently is sitting directly on the floor then try and find it in your budget to at least get a metal or wood bed frame to lift your mattress and therefore give you plenty of storage underneath.  You can get bed frames from thrift stores for quite cheap.

Or if your budget allows, consider treating your mattress and yourself to a proper wood bed frame complete with a headboard.  Not only will you have room under the bed but now you will have a bookcase in your headboard that can house your alarm clock, books, and even a light and this will take up very little room.

Organize a small bedroomCredit: amazon.com
Sauder Orchard Hills Bookcase Headboard, Full/Queen, Carolina Oak Finish
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3. Bookcase Headboard

These are not too deep and therefore will only take up approximately a foot of space between your mattress and your wall sometimes less.  But you can put a lot of things in this space, such as books; clock almost everything you might need in a night stand. 

You can get this online or at thrift stores as well.  Why get a plain headboard when you could get one with a shelf and some storage for your small space?

organize a small bedroomCredit: amazon.com
Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf
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4. Corner Shelving

Corner shelving can be another direction to go, as corners don’t get used as much as they could.  You can get corner units online too or purchase open shelves designed for the corner.  These take up little space.

As you can see by the one pictured, you could put them in each corner and display your pictures or use them as a place to store your music, and other items.  These are off the floor and therefore do not take up floor space as other furniture would.  In a small bedroom, you need to utilize all the space to get the most use out of the room and keep in the room what is important to you.

Corners of rooms tend to be the most ignored area.  You can get larger corner units depending on your needs and even corner desks.  So don’t forget about the corners when designing your small bedroom layout.  I love these decorative shelves and the fact they really don’t take up much room and are affordable.  When you get rid of dressers, you lose that top of the dresser space to display things or for your jewelry, that is where these shelves come in handy.

organize a small bedroomCredit: amazon.com
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5. Over Door Storage

This is about the cheapest option you can get for storing just about anything you need in your bedroom that is not too large.  This will fit over the door to your room or the closet door.  You could actually get a couple of these for each door. 

You could use one for your undergarments and another for jewelry, or whatever you need.  You can get these designed for shoes too.  Go through your things, and keep only what you need and make these hanging storage bags accessible and easy to use and you will enjoy your small space. 

Organize a small bedroomCredit: amazon.com
South Shore Trinity Collection Platform Bed with Drawer, Pure Black
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6. Bed Frame with Built in Drawers

This is the route we took when we moved to our small space.  We decided it was worth the investment as these drawers are huge and you can fill them with just about everything.  We don’t have the room for a dresser, so I have one side and my hubby has the other. They are deep as well.

One of the added bonuses of having drawers under the bed is now you don’t have to clean under there, or go looking for that wayward shoe that always seems to get into the deepest darkest parts of under the bed.

Small Bedroom Ideas

If the room is small then the bed is going to be the main focus.  If you eliminate dressers, and end tables then you will gain some room back.  Really organize your things and decide what has to stay in this room and then go from there.

Look to go vertical and use the space above the floor, such as with bed headboard book cases, or even install shelves above the bed.  If you have to push the bed against a wall, you could use that wall to install shelves.

Take advantage of the space behind the room door and the closet door with over the door storage. 

Keep the room minimal with limited furniture, and the small space will not look cluttered. Hopefully the above ideas give your some inspiration on creating a warm and welcoming small bedroom.