Celebration of Easter


Easter is a time for celebrations of many things with a variety of religious, spiritual and traditional beliefs.Jesus Christ suffered his fate because of his unconditional love for humankind as the son of God he endured the torment and darkness of the crucifixion.Christians will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion.After the resurrection he became our Easter gift of life itself.

For most children it is a time of joy and celebration for a very different reason.For weeks before Easter they watch the shops and pester their parents for Easter eggs and the much awaited Easter buns.

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Rabbit, Bilby or Hare

Traditionally Easter is a celebration of fertility, which is symbolized by the fertile rabbit, or years ago the hare. Now they think it to be culturally correct to be as the Bilby. (Too me it will always be the rabbit which is what I grew up believing in) These rabbits, hares, or bilbys deliver the eggs as a symbol of survival and new life.

 They cannot wait for Easter Sunday and the traditional day of egg giving and the arrival of the Easter Bunny. A good way to keep them amused is giving them coloring in pages, they can use all different colors to see which ones look the best.  Give them a small egg as an incentive.

I can't say that I blame them being impatient, although I bet they will not appreciate the overindulgence after effects. Parents this is where you need to use a little commonsense for your children as for them it is like one of the sayings "see food and eat it". You cannot blame this kids for that, as we all do it from time to time.

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Organizing a Treasure or Easter Egg Hunt

Now we need to organize that much awaited treasure hunt to keep the kids happy. First you will need to work out the ages of the children. If you have several ages then you could divide it into two or three different searches.For instance; the ages of two to six, seven to twelve, and thirteen to sixteen. That way you will not have the older ones from robbing the littlies bit of fun on the day.If you have several children in all ages then it may be a good idea to draw up a small map.This will prevent the possibility of eggs being missed and found a month later all melted.

Planning the hiding places

Make up a map-This does not have to be anything special.Just draw a rough diagram of the back yard or area in question.Then mark out each section where the eggs are hidden.As the eggs are found the kids need to come back and show you where they found their egg, and that is then crossed off the map.

It may be a good idea to have the eggs hidden just before each group of children are sent to look for their eggs.This could be done by organizing an event out the front of the house while someone hides the egg treasures around the back or vice a versa.That way no one will find the other groups eggs.Always have extra prizes of eggs or novelties on hand to give out for the winning games or races that you have organized.

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Hiding the Easter Eggs

Age two to six- As these children are small the eggs have to be hidden so they can reach them. Place them in pot plants that are on the ground or in amongst the garden plants.It could be a good idea to have theirs hidden in a different area to the other children

Age seven to twelve- These can also be hidden in the same sort of places, although now you can make some of these higher.

Age thirteen to sixteen- These ones can be made more difficult on higher hanging planters or on ledgers. Yes kids of all ages still love to eat Easter Eggs, lets face it we are all still kids at heart no matter how old we are.

Types of Easter Eggs



There are so many different types of eggs to choose from these days. You can buy the packets of small chocolate eggs, the little ones with novelties in the centers. You can also find the gold paper covered chocolate coins which are popular with the children. Or buy the little chocolate moulds and make your own.Then cover them in pretty colored papers.

 Why not involve them in coloring and decorating or dying Easter Eggs.

You could even be more creative by crocheting some easter baskets

The main thing is to select a variety of different ones to make the day a lot more challenging and fun for the kids.

Solid chocolate Easter eggs

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