If you soon will be at the pool and are nervous about putting your bikini from last season back on your body then here are 5 ways to overcome bikini anxiety.

Lose Weight and Tone Muscles- If you are a month or more away from needing to wear your bikini then you can begin to tighten and tone your muscles as well as lose some weight if needed. Nothing helps you overcome your anxiety about wearing a bikini better than losing some weight.

If you think you look fabulous then everyone else should too. You need to build your self confidence to get over your bikini anxiety and if the only way you can do that is by losing weight and toning your muscles then that is what you need to do.

Red BikiniBreast Enlargement- If you are nervous about the men staring t your semi flabby mid section then get a breast enlargement. Huge breasts will keep the focus off of your semi flabby mid section.

Fat Friends. If all your friends are larger than you it will make it easier for you to walk around in a bikini in front of them.

Warrior Attitude. Go in there with an attitude of you do not care what other people think. A warrior attitude will allow you to feel confident about what you look like and overcome your bikini anxiety. If that 400 pound girl in single piece swimsuit with her cleavage showing is attracting attention from the men than you have nothing to worry about as you will suck up even more of the men's attention.

Sun Tan- If you are heading to an event where you will need to wear a bikini then you will want to tan your body. A dark tan can help hide a tiny bit of flab on your abs. Sun tanning can be dangerous and lead to skin cancer. Try not to use suntan booths very often. Suntan without any clothes on so you can make sure that your entire body is suntanned. You don't want any white parts popping out of your bikini.

Bikini Anxiety- The best Way to overcome bikini anxiety is to simply not wear a bikini but that means you lost. Come up with unique ways to help you overcome whatever personal problems are keeping your from feeling comfortable in a bikini. Wearing a bikini can be a lot like parachuting from a plane. You will be nervous as hell and not feel comfortable but the more you do it the more comfortable you get doing it.

Nothing attracts attention more than a cute woman parachuting from a plane, except of course if the woman parachuting is doing it in a bikini. Wearing a bikini is very comfortable but you need to feel confident wearing one. Start off by wearing a wrap over you bikini and then when you feel more confident rip the wrap off and reveal you bikini to the world, or at least to the guys at the swimming pool. Image Credit: (Flickr/manfrys)