A wedding often happens as a grand celebration and a joyous occasion. Marriage, however, is a totally different matter. It is not always idyllic, not always a bed of roses. There are a host of problems, in fact, that can potentially break a union.

One of the most common and destructive problems in marriage is the problem of communication. Here are some tips on how you can overcome communication problems and save your marriage.

First, you should always bear in mind that nobody wins or loses in any argument. An argument should always lead to a solution in order for it to be productive rather than destructive. You should master the art of compromise, or agreeing to disagree sometimes.

Before you even start discussing a problem, make sure that you have carefully thought out several possible solutions. This will help ensure that you stick to the issue, instead of just arguing for argument's sake, which is usually the mark of an unproductive argument.

Second, you should always keep a positive outlook. This is essential in dealing with all kinds of problems in marriage. Rather than pointedly enumerating what's wrong, try to highlight what could be done to improve the current situation.

This is especially important when you are discussing sensitive issues. If the argument gets too negative and is veering towards getting out of control then it is best to postpone the discussion for a time when you have both cooled down.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, you have to learn how to really listen. Avoid talking your spouse down or dismissing ideas outright without hearing out what your partner has to say. If, after listening carefully, you still don't agree with what your spouse thinks then explain your position calmly and reasonably. This may even help you avoid an argument altogether.

Trying to solve communication problems in marriage can also get complicated when you try to tackle several issues at one time. It would be best to talk about one thing at a time.

This way, you are sure that every possible angle of a particular issue is addressed, leaving no room for false assumptions. Of course, you should always be honest about your feelings on every issue. This will ensure that there is misunderstanding left between you and your spouse.

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