Is your kid ready for school?

Fear in children is a normal part of their life and provided that it is not too much. Children fear a lot of things. They fear ghosts, animals, people, toys, and many other things that exist around them. Sometimes they even fear their own shadow. This is because it is part of their growing up years and their awareness to their environment. Fear in children differ for each individual but most children fear things that they have doubts about. Just like the ghost that even adult people fear; children sometimes fear going to school. This could be bad because it may affect the child’s performance in school. So, parents must help the child overcome this fear of going to school.

Here are ways to overcome fear of going to school in children.

Make Preparations Early On

To most children, the fear of going to school comes when they aren’t sure what to expect when they go to school. So the best way to combat this fear in your child is to prepare your child for school early on. This should be planned according to your assessment of your child. For children who are just starting their education, this is the hardest part. This could be a daunting task for parents because often times the child may not cooperate. But if parents know their child well the problem will be solved easier. What you should consider first is the child’s readiness in going to school. In order for you to help your child overcome that fear, keep your child well informed of what to expect in school. Before the school year starts you should have told your child earlier that he is going to school to learn some useful things and play with other children his age. The problem with a lot of young kids is the fear of being disengaged from their parents and from home. Learn to tackle this problem at home before your child starts school. Children today start their education as early as two years old. This is a very young age to start disengaging them from their parents but with the present situation, the need calls for very young children to start obtaining knowledge even at that young age.

As parents, you must be prepared to bring your child to school and leave him there but first you have to prepare him at home. Make it slowly. Most children who have stay-at-home parents are harder to wean than those whose parents are both working. The reason is obvious in that the children who have stay-at-home-parents are more attached to their parents. When you are ready to put your child in school, prepare your child first during the nearing months prior to the school year. Slowly detach yourself to your child by doing other things other than playing with your child and cuddling him. No matter how hard it is, you have to learn to adjust for the sake of your child.  Both of you could be affected but you can always make it easier for both of you by preparing earlier.

Involve Your Child when Shopping for School Materials

One of the best ways to prepare your child for the school year is to bring your child to shop what he needs in school. Every child loves shopping for things that he uses. Let your child choose his school bag, pencil case, pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners, art papers, raincoats and other school needs. This activity is very important if you want to prepare your child for the school year. Most children are excited to have their school needs ready. There are even children who want to go to school as soon as they see the school materials bought for them.

Keep Your Child Interested

The fear of going to school will evaporate when the child has been prepared well for school. But some changes may take place once the child goes to school. There are children who enjoy going to school while there are children who need proper motivation before going to school. If your child refuses to go inside the classroom, do not worry because that is a normal sign of your child’s awareness. The best thing for you to do is to bring your child inside the classroom. Never force your young child to go to the classroom alone if he does not like to do it because it will only make things worse. Pre-schools allow parents to at least make their children comfortable in school before leaving them. Some schools allow parents to stay with their children until such time that the children are comfortable being left alone.

As a pre-school teacher for more than thirty years, I have seen a lot of children’s reactions during the first days of the school year. In my first years of teaching very young kids twenty years ago, the ages start from three. The three year old kids twenty years ago are still babies with their moms and/or nannies tagging along with them. But today, three year old children could be as independent as they want to be. As technology is advancing, so does the behavioral patterns in children. The usually meek young children of long time ago who needed their parents beside them are now smarter and more independent.  There are three year old kids who can do things alone without guide from their teacher.  Although this is not very common among all kids, this goes to say that more and more children are becoming independent at a very young age.

When I first started teaching young kids, it took us almost two weeks to keep the class in order without a kid crying and wanting to go home to his parents. Today, the first day is just like any other day of classes with rare cases of children with special needs.

Give the proper Motivation

A month before the school year starts, children should be motivated about the importance of going to school. There are many activities that you can teach your children in such a way that they will learn to enjoy going to school. Always have fun activities that will help enhance your children’s love for school. These activities could include reading books, doing arts and crafts, playing school together and playing the teacher to your kids, story time, games related to lessons in school and others. This is the time for you to be creative in order to meet the needs of your children at the same time motivate them about school. By the time the school year opens, your children are all set to go to school with minimal or no problems adjusting to school life. Motivation includes proper guidance from parents in order for the kids to really enjoy going to school and overcome their fear.

Fear of going to school among children could be handled easily depending on how effective you are in handling the situation. If you could hardly cope with the situation, you can always approach the experts or ask those who know better than you.