Some of the typical marriage issues are money, religion, sex, in-laws, parenting, chores, infidelity, differences, pornography, holidays, gender roles, remodeling, health issues, disasters and equality. All of these issues cause some form of conflict in a marriage and when not addressed properly could lead to divorce.

Successful marriages have experienced these issues but have managed to work through the issues in a positive manner. Learning how to cope and deal with the art of communication without finger pointing or finding fault creates a healthy marriage. The level of communication is the key to resolving any issue the couple faces in their marriage.

The stress from the marriage issues can cause burnout in most marriages. The symptoms of stress and burnout are difficulty sleeping poor appetite or over eating frequent colds illnesses and flu more arguments sexual or intimacy issues irritation low tolerance anxiety depression tense and usage of drugs or alcohol. Learning to deal with the stress related to marital issues can not only save the marriage but provide a healthier lifestyle for both individuals.

When the stress starts take time to evaluate the situation. Look at the issues through the same eyes of the couple when you first met and fell in love. Remember the commitment to each other and base your feelings on the original love and dedication.

When the stress is happening it is not always easy to think clearly. Avoid saying the thoughts and feelings that may be negative or harmful to the marriage.

If you need to express yourself write down the feelings and place the written feelings in a safe location where no one else can read them. They are your private thoughts that only you should know during your moments of stress.

Think about your diet. Eating healthy foods helps you deal with stress. Get enough sleep so you are rested and can think clearly. Drink enough water to keep your body in balance. Take time to exercise to burn off some of the stress as well as creating a new positive focus.

Learn to laugh at the silly little things that may be causing the stress. Laughter has been said to be the best medicine for the hurt heart and soul. Spend time together as a couple alone and learn to see the brighter side of your spouse.

Remember to be supportive in everything in your lives as you are a team and need to work as one and your marriage issues will decline.

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