vacation blues

How to overcome vacation blues

For those who are fortunate enough to go on vacation, you know how the excitement builds up before the departure date. You start to mentally prepare yourself for your vacation weeks in advance. Your 2 weeks vacation seems like a long time away and all of a sudden they are over and you have to get back to work. That first day back at work is the worst for most people. That is also where the term vacation blues come into the picture.

What is vacation blues?

To put is nicely, vacation blues is coming back from vacation only to realize you did have a nice time. You realize that your vacation was the best time of your life. You wanted the vacation to last forever. You feel you need another vacation immediately. You can no longer stand the daily drudge of work, children, cooking, husband, wife, etc. That is vacation blues. Now that you know what vacation blues is, what can you do about it?

How to overcome vacation blues

Most people who suffer from vacation blues only want one solution. They want to go back on vacation. Life isn't that rosy for the most of us. If you want to overcome vacation blues, you need to make sure that you don't take all your yearly vacation at once. If you spread them over the year, you will have something to look forward to during the year. You will reduce the effect of vacation blues because you don't have to wait a year before going on another vacation.

Another thing to do in order to overcome vacation blues is to balance what you do on vacation. Don't do too much or spend the whole vacation sleeping and drinking. Also get back from your vacation a few days before you begin your job. That will help your mind readjust slow to getting back to your normally routine. That will also help reduce the blow of vacation blues. Don't compare your work to your vacation if you want to overcome vacation blues. They are not the same and will never be the same. Vacation, work and daily routine don't share much in common. The only thing they share in common is the blues you get

Time and overcoming vacation blues.

Time is your friend when it comes to vacation blues. If you give yourself a few days, you will begin to adjust to your normal surroundings and you will soon start to forget about your vacation and your vacation blues. Time will also help you avoid comparing your vacation to your normal routine.