At one time or another we have all felt intimated by the people who surround us.  But for some people the feeling of intimidation occurs more often than not.  These people always feel as if all others are more handsome, funnier and maybe even more intelligent than they may be.  This feeling of inadequacy can damage a person’s self-esteem.  If intimidation is something that you may be feeling more often than not, then it is time to remedy the problem by building up your self-esteem and confidence.



Start by making small improvements toward self-improvement.  Take a good, hard look at yourself and objectively analyze if there may be things that need to be changed in your own life.  Make a list of these things that need to be addressed.  Next, choose one thing from the list that needs to be worked on and then focus on changing or improving that area.  Remember; work on one thing at a time.




One sure fire way to increase self-confidence is to pay attention to grooming and hygiene.  Make sure to keep yourself clean, neat and well groomed.  This includes making sure to keep hair cut and styled as well as bathing regularly.  Also, pay attention to clothing. Make sure to dress appropriately for the occasion as being improperly attired as compared to others can lead to feelings of intimidation.




Closely observe those people who cause you to feel intimidated.  Figure out what about them makes you feel intimidated, and then get inspired.  Oftentimes, the very qualities that intimidate a person are also the qualities that are most desired.  Take the time to identify these qualities in others and then cultivate them in yourself. 




Sometimes we are intimidated by others because their lives seem so much more interesting.  This is a time for self-reflection.  Figure out what you are interested in and then pursue it passionately.  By actively involving yourself in a hobby or other activity that interests you, you will feel more satisfied with your life.  It will also allow you to meet new people with the same interests and open up topics of conversation with others.




Sometimes intimidation may not be all in our heads and in our views of ourselves.  Sometimes intimidation is real and caused by a bully.  If you feel that someone is actually bullying you or employing intimidation techniques against you, please speak up.  No one should be bullied.  Make sure to speak with a person who can assist in this area, such as a family member, someone in authority at work, a teacher, counselor or a priest.  Speak to someone whom you feel you can trust.  Do not deal with a bullying situation alone.