how to oversleep
Credit: brian boulos

A quick guide to mastery of oversleeping

Follow these steps at your own risk

Prepare your Room


Darken your room as far as possible. Try to create the illusion that it is night even if it's not. Close the curtains or if needed hang extra blankets on your window. Turn off every light and electrical device you have.


Prepare your Bed


Put fresh and clean sheets on your bed. Try to make it as comfortable as possible.


Hang Out a Sign


Hang out a sign on your bedroom door and tell everybody to not wake you up or knock on your door for the next 24 hours. If you don't trust them then lock your door, just in case.


Alarm Clocks


No, no, no! You have to get rid of all your alarm clocks. Put them in another room or at least remove the batteries. This is crucial! The only clock in your room should be a really silent one which you have to manipulate as follows: Give your clock to your mom or your roommates and ask them to turn back the time a few hours. The trick here is that they are not allowed to tell you the exact number of hours they turned it back. If you wake up and check the time, you will think that you have plenty of time to sleep. In case you remember that your clock is manipulated, you will get confused and probably decide to sleep on. An alternative is to get rid of all your clocks.


Get exhausted


The day before your experiment, try to get as tired as possible. Run a marathon or go on a five-hour shopping trip. Whatever kills your energy the most, do it!


Eat Late and Eat Fatty


Eat a big meal before you go to bed. Your body needs a lot of energy to digest it. You wake up tired and it is more likely that you fall asleep again.


Stay up Late


Stay awake until you are really tired. But do not fight it! If your eyes are getting heavier and heavier, it is time to go to bed.


Steer Your Dreams


If you are a lucid dreamer, try to make your dreams exciting and fun. If you are not, plan to have a really interesting dream. Think of a perfect world or a thrilling scenario before you fall asleep.


Being able to oversleep as long as possible is a question of good preparations. Have trust in them and fall asleep with a good feeling.


Warning: If you avoid following this steps, you might get up on time.


A Quick tip on getting up on time: Develop a passion it is worth crawling out of your bed in the morning. Think of things like music or sports.