The bombonieres you give out at your bridal shower, wedding or engagement party allow guests to take home a little treat that’s a reminder of your special day; however, what you give them is only part of the party-favour experience. When coming up with bomboniere ideas, don’t forget to think of a creative way to wrap your favours to tie them in with your wedding theme.

Think Small

Most bombonieres are small in size so your guests can easily take them home, and so you can set them on a table without taking up too much space. Consider how you want the favours to look on the table. You want to wrap them so they retain their small size and don’t look out of place on the table. Think small boxes, small baggies, small cases and small bottles.

Start With Colours

There’s no easier way to tie your bomboniere wrapping into your wedding theme than to start with the colours of your wedding. Your box, bag or wrapping should exemplify your colour theme. If you opt to use something clear, such as a glass bottle, wrap coloured ribbons around the top and tie them through a name tag or a tag marking the occasion in those colours.

Reflect the Gift

Whenever possible, try to come up with favour wrapping that complements the small gift inside. If your gift includes a CD of romantic songs, glue a picture of a phonograph on the outside of the case or wrapping for some fun nostalgia. If you’re giving out bubbles, tie the bubble wand on the outside of the wrapping and draw bubbles on the wrapping paper. Consider what you can do to complement the gift you’re giving out.

Make It Useful

There’s no better way to create lasting memories of your special occasion for your guests than to wrap your bombonieres in something useful. If giving out edibles, present them in reusable food storage containers so your guests will have something to take home even after they’ve eaten the contents. Give out MP3s on a flash drive, and your guests can re-use the drive once they’ve uploaded the songs to their players. Just remember to add ribbons or tags in the chosen colour scheme.

Make It Fun

When you can’t complement the gift or present it in something useful, present it in something fun. For example, if you give out hand towels, arrange them in cupcake shapes in a cupcake foil. Buy cheap vending machine toys, or go to a craft store and buy plastic capsules. Decorate the tops in your wedding colours and fill the capsules with your bombonieres. Use containers in the shape of Asian food takeout boxes and attach fortune cookies.

Show Off Art Skills

Even something as simple as a paper lunch bag with a hole punched through it and a ribbon to match your colour theme can act as bomboniere wrapping. The blank canvas of the bag is the perfect way to show off your art skills. Draw something to reflect the theme of the wedding or the favour inside the wrapping. If you need help getting all of them completed, ask your wedding party or friends and family to help you colour the bags. Even a simple message marking the names of the couple and the wedding date will do.

Try Furoshiki

The Japanese have beautiful kimono-patterned clothes called “furoshiki” that they’ve used since ancient times to wrap objects. They’re reusable, and they make for beautiful wall art when framed. They come in a variety of colours, so you’re sure to find a pattern that suits you. You can even spend a little time at the party teaching guests how to re-use their cloths to wrap other items.

If you don’t want to make your own wrappings, or if you’re looking for more ideas, head to your favourite online party shop. You might find some creative wrappings or bombonieres that inspire you to come up with a creative theme for the party.

Image from Silvia Mandelli from Flickr’s Creative Commons