Whether you assemble a new diecast car from a kit or restore an old, faded car, a new coat of paint will enhance the appearance of the model. You can create your own custom hot rod or mimic the look of an actual car by using the proper paint and painting techniques. While the basic process is simple enough for beginners, adding details such as flames or racing stripes requires a steady hand and some artistic talent.

Things You Will Need

* Water

* White vinegar

* Cotton balls

* Lint free towel

* Spray primer

* 400-grit sandpaper

* Tack cloth

* Enamel spray paint

* Small paintbrush

* Enamel paint

* 1000-grit wet/dry sandpaper

* Water

* Spray bottle

Step 1

Mix together equal amounts of water and white vinegar to create a cleaning solution for your diecast car.

Step 2

Soak a cotton ball in your homemade cleaning solution and use it to wipe away dirt and fingerprints from the car. Dry the car with a lint free towel when it is clean.

Step 3

Apply two to three thin coats of spray primer to the entire diecast car, allowing each coat to dry before you begin to apply the next. Paul Hettick of the Diecast Nuts website recommends using an automotive primer for best results, but you can use any primer that is made for use on metal surfaces.

Step 4

Sand the primer when it is completely dry with 400-grit sandpaper to remove any rough spots.

Step 5

Wipe the diecast car with a tack cloth to remove dust created during sanding.

Step 6

Paint three to four thin coats of enamel spray paint onto the diecast car in the same manner you applied the primer.

Step 7

Paint details onto the car with a small paintbrush and enamel paints when the base coat is dry.

Step 8

Let the car dry for several weeks to ensure that the paint is completely dry and cured. This means that the paint will become hard and will not smudge or wipe away when rubbed.

Step 9

Sand your diecast car with 1000- to 1500-grit wet/dry sandpaper used wet to polish the paint. Wet the sandpaper under water and use a spray bottle to keep it wet as you work until you are satisfied with the appearance of your diecast car.


Tips & Warnings

Wash your hands often while painting your diecast car. You could transfer oils on your hands to the car which might prevent the primer and paint from adhering to the metal.