A huge part playing Warhammer is the assembly and painting of miniatures. In fact, some consider this activity as what transforms Warhammer from just being another game into a true hobby. Painting your Warhammer miniature properly is quite important in ensuring your enjoyment of the game. Here are a few tips:

1) Fix the glue – if you used glue in assembling your figures, then you should be careful, as some dollops can harden and can make your figure look lumpy and uneven.

Before Painting your miniature, you can smooth it down with a bit of sand paper. you can also use some filler to make sure that the surface is clean and that there are no gaps in the figure.

2 Use a primer – a lot of hobbyists make the mistake of immediately painting over the figure without priming it first. A primer is a layer of black or white paint which further makes the figure smoother and lets you paint it without leaving any areas unpainted. There are many types of primers and beginners are recommended to use the spray-on ones.

3) Use a base coat – this is a very rough coat of what you'd like your figure to look like. That is, you want to paint the general color of various areas like the skin and the uniform. This will save you a lot of time on painting your Warhammer miniatures.

4) Use a guide – some people like to claim artistic license and go wild with the details. Being new, however, you might want to start with the basics and get a guide on what your figure should look like. This way, you won't end up with a clown miniature instead of a warrior.

5) Add details – when you have enough experience creating a generic model, you should learn how to make the Warhammer miniatures truly unique by adding a bit if detailing. Some people use dry brush techniques and inking in order to produce a weathered look for veterans.

Of course, this depends on the setting of the campaigns you'llbe using the Warhammer miniatures in. Sometimes, the little details can make your game all that more absorbing and realistic.

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