Nothing adds a finishing touch to a woman's appearance like freshly lacquered nails. Nail polish is easy to apply and fun to use and comes in an incredible array of colors! Gone are the days when the only colors available were red and shades of pink. Now women of all ages can express their individuality with the stroke of a brush!

Things You Will Need

Clean, dry hands with well groomed cuticles and nails
Fresh nail polish in the color(s) of your choice
Fast drying, clear top coat
Fifteen minutes to half an hour

Step 1

Painting Nails (30849) Always begin by shaking the bottle of colored polish vigorously to completely mix the contents. You'll want to hear the little mixing ball that's inside of the bottle agitating freely.

Step 2

Next, open the bottle and wipe one side of the brush free of polish on the side of the bottle. Apply the other side of the brush to the center of one of your larger nails using a smooth, even motion from the base of the cuticle to the tip of the nail. Continue to paint in this manner, moving out to either side of your initial stroke, dipping the applicator into the bottle of polish as necessary.

Step 3

Continue, taking your time, until all of the nails are painted. Allow to dry at least five minutes between coats, or until a nail can be touched lightly without smearing. Apply at least two coats. The more coats you apply (within reason) the longer the polish, when dry, will withstand chipping.

Step 4

Finish with a coat or two of fast drying top coat, which will add extra shine as well as protection.

Step 5

Be careful with your nails for the next couple of hours!! It's a good idea to polish them just before you engage in an activity that doesn't require the use of your fingers, such as watching a movie. Once the lacquer has hardened, it will be virtually permanent for a week or longer.
Don't be afraid to be creative with your nails! There are all sorts of "extras" available if you want a special look, but sometimes you can make a statement just by painting every other finger a different color, or one hand one color and the other hand another. Have fun and enjoy the feeling of having pretty nails!

Tips & Warnings

Take care when dipping the brush into the bottle to get just the right amount of polish on the brush. Too little, and the brush will drag, creating a smear that will necessitate taking the polish off and beginning anew. Too much, and the lacquer will run onto the skin of the fingers and cuticles themselves. It's a good idea to begin with the thumbnail, or another of the larger nails, to give yourself room in which to perfect your technique.