What is Section E of the Landscape Architecture Registration Exam?


Section E of the LARE is one of two graphic vignette problems on the LARE examination. You will have to address various 11 X 17 graphic vignettes that handle concerns of putting landscape architecture components, decreasing grading impacts, responding to on-site and off-site storm water concerns, and thinking of landforms in three dimensions.
What Percentage of Candidates Pass LARE Section E?
Section E has consistently proven to be the most difficult section of the LARE to pass the first time.[619] Since 2004, solely 37 percent of candidates blow past Section E on the first try. Many candidates for landscape architect registration must take this part of the exam several times before they earn a landscape architect license. This means it is particularly vital to prepare for the exam as much as humanly possible. Use the study guide sources to improve and prepare for the exam.

What Subjects Are Tested in Section E Graphic Vignettes?

Get ready to choose site locations for a variety of landscape site amenities and design a grading solution for a site plan. If you do the job in a state or province where landscape architects are not responsible for considerable grading, you really need to prepare for Section E to prepare for and pass the LARE examination.

Section E assesses your ability to visualize the landscape in three-dimensions and manipulate landforms and grades. You need to take into account the grading effects when locating program components on the site. Some vignettes could have you develop an extensive grading strategy by establishing pad elevations, spot grades, and adjusting contour lines to make the design plan functional. Understand what slopes are suitable for pedestrian and car circulation because you will have to design and grade circulation systems.

You will be tested on your skillful manipulation of the landforms in order to efficiently and securely control storm water flow and convey runoff.[619] Consider the design pointers in the CLARB sample zoning guide that is included as part of the test packet. Also, if the design pointers included by CLARB vary from what you do in your office, the CLARB pointers are the guidelines you use for the test.

In order to pass this part of the exam, you need to show that you can successfully place a site feature in a way that minimizes economic and adverse environmental impacts and manages on-site and off-site storm water in a pragmatic and environmentally friendly way.

Which Examine Materials Can I Use to Prep for Section E of the LARE?

The books listed below are suggested by CLARB to aid applicants get prepared for Section E.[619]

Grading for Landscape Architects and Architects by Peter Petschek
Unfortunately for the profession, there are not many good books on grading the landscape. This text-book is intended to attempt to address the gap of technical landscape architecture grading literature. Subjects mentioned in Grading for Landscape Architects and Architects incorporate the background of grading, fundamental landscape grading principles, terrain varieties, slope reinforcement methods, and landscape architecture implementation of grading concepts. The very best part of this fine technical manual is that it comes with self-study exercises that give you the chance test your ability to solve real-world grading problems. Practicing with the included self-study problems may actually help you in enhancing your grading skills and aid you when you attempt to pass Section E.

Site Engineering for Landscape Architects by Strom, Nathan and Woland
Site Engineering for Landscape Architects is another fine textbook that teaches grading, drainage, and landform manipulation. Many landscape architecture college programs use this book as a standard textbook. You may already have it in your library.  If so, dust it off and review the sections on drainage, grading, and storm water management.

Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architects by Harris & Dines
I very suggest reviewing and studying this timeless reference guide and recommond purchasing it for your personal technical library. Use the sections on grading, storm water management, and natural resources protection to prep for Section E of the LARE.

Some More Exam Preparation Resources for Section E
LARE Review Section E Vignettes: Grading, Drainage, and Stormwater Management

I stumbled across this test preparation book on Amazon.com the other day. Although I have not purchased the study guide, a few of landscape architects wrote up opinions stating that doing so study guide helped them prep for Section E and pass the exam. If you have tried Section E before and want to retake it, this test prep study guide could help you pass the test next time.

Prepare and Succeed

Although Section E is one of the most gruelling part of the Landscape Architect Registration Exam, it is possible to pass it on the first try.  But, you need to know how to grade a site.  Practice grading sites and setting grades and you will do well.  With a little preparation, you will be successful and become a licensed landscape architect.  Good luck on the LARE.