Student loans can be a huge financial burden.  As valuable as an education is, graduates can spend years--decades even--being buried in student loan debt and high monthly payments.  Currently there is over $1 trillion in unpaid student debt.  If you went to college or graduates school and took out loans to pay for your eduction, you likely are burdened with high monthly payments and a balance that looks like it will never be paid off.

There are numerous methods for paying back educational loans sooner and therefore, saving money on interest.  Some of the tricks  include making biweekly payments instead of monthly payments and making more than the minimum payment every month.  The quicker you can pay off any debt, the less you will pay over time.  You can also stop worrying about monthly loan payments and finally pay off the degree you earned years ago.

Odds are, if you are struggling to pay student loans, you do not have a lot of extra income to go twards your debt.  A great way to make extra income to pay down your loans is to make money writing online.  This article will teach you how to make money writing online and how to use the income you make from writing online to pay off your student loans quicker.

You may not be aware, but you can make money writing online. The first step to paying student loans with the money you make writing online is to research the various paid to write programs that exist and decide which ones will work best for you.  Once you have decided which sites to write for the next step is obvious--start writing!

When you are writing articles to make an income online, try to write with SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords in mind.  How much you make will be determined by how many people are reading your articles.  Therefore, you want to make sure that you have researched good keywords and SEO so that your articles will show up high in search engine results.

Promote your articles so that they earn more! Make sure that you promote your articles through social bookmarking sites as well as other social media such as Twitter and Facebook so that you can get more readers.  Also be sure to generate backlinks for your articles.  Backlinking will ensure that you have traffic directed towards your articles and will also help your articles' rank in search engine results.

Once you get a feeling for writing and how much you can earn by writing online, set goals.  Start small at first and have your initial goal be $10 or $20 per month.  As you become more seasoned and have a chance to write more articles and learn what really makes money, you can increase your goals so that your goal is to earn enough each month to make your smallest loan payments (if you have separate loan payments) of enough to cover the interest that accrues on your loans.  Continue to write enough quality articles to meet your goals.  The trick to making money by writing online is both quality and quantity.

Use the money you earn from writing online to make additional payments to your student loans--don't stop making your regular student loan payments, but rather allow the money you earn from your writing to augment your student loan payments. By doing this, you can use the money you make writing online to pay off your student loans faster and get yourself out of debt!