When it comes to cleaning there are usually 2 types – the regular day to day cleaning and deep and detailed cleaning. As you probably know the cleaning on a regular basis can be an easy task, which is usually performed fast and without much effort. However, the deep cleaning is another story. It is an overwhelming and slow task, but you can do it just once a year. The well-known spring cleaning can be a perfect example for such treatment.

Not again this boring cleaning...

kid cleaning a room

Where to start?

The actual tips and hints

So, what are the steps to perfectly clean a single room. First of all, you have to prepare the room for this big time cleaning. Gather all the items that may interfere with the treatment and store them in a box or other room. Make sure to remove any lighter furniture like small chairs and tables. Don't forget that you have to clean them later before putting them back in the room.

Now when your room is prepared for the cleaning, you can decide the cleaning solution used for the treatment. At first you have to choose, if you want to clean with commercial cleaner or green recipe. I strongly recommend the natural home-made cleaner, so I will give you a quick and easy solution that you can make organically. Mix in a spray bottle ¼ cup of vinegar and a cup of water. Add a few drops on lemon and stir effectively. Now, when you have your cleaner ready just go over all the surfaces in the room and then use a cloth. Make sure to use a treat completely and check the results. Repeat any area, which is still dirty.

Now when you finish with this initial cleaning. It is time to broom and vacuum. This task is always left to be last, because all the accumulated dust and dirt from the previous cleaning will probably fall on the ground. This way you will be able to clean it up and leave the room in perfect condition.

This type of cleaning is surely time-consuming and hard, but it is a must at least once a year. Luckily, if you are not the cleaning type then you can simply call a commercial cleaning company to deal with the dirt for you. Many expert cleaners in Richmond and the area will be glad to help you. Most of them even have a special service called spring cleaning or one-off cleaning, which is exactly this type of treatment.