Boost The Price of Your Home Through Little Changes

Remove Small Decorations

We all have plenty of little stuff all over our homes, especially if we have live there for many years. But your goal is to make the potential buyers to feel it as it is their house. So get rid of knick knackers, small vases and figurines. I'm not telling you to threw them away, just hide them. Get some carton boxes from the nearest supermarket and collect small things. You can label the boxes, it will be more convenient for you, when you sell the house and move out.

Too Much Furniture

Even if your furniture is very beautiful, put away at leas half of it. You need to present your home the way buyers would imagine their stuff in it. Remove some items and reveal it bare and open. You can store everything in your garage, labeled and packed.

Family Photos

Again – you are trying to make potential buyers to feel at home, their home. If think that some decoration won't be redundant you can put some neutral cards into photo frames. But my advice is – leave the place uncluttered.

Sensitive Items

If you have any materials that can be offensive for any body – hide them. It is wonderful to have statement when it comes to politics, but eventual debate can keep you from selling your home. Nude art is inappropriate too. Don't forget – less is more.

Clean and Tidy Home

After packing away most of your stuff and getting rid of the clutter you will need to clean your house. And I mean do it thoroughly. If your carpet and upholstery look scruffy – call professional cleaning team. Wash the curtains and wipe the blinds, clean the windows. Haven't you noticed that when your home is impeccably clean it always looks better?


Light will alter the dimensions and let your home look bigger. You must literally flood your house with light. If you have thick and heavy curtains they may be blocking the light. Take them of and leave only some light curtains. If you have reading lamps or floor lamps you can reposition them in order to illuminated properly every room.


Your yard gives potential buyers their first impression of the house and owner. So remove the clutter and everything that you don't use from th yard.

There are plenty of other thing that you can do. There's no need to spent a little fortune to make your house look great. Be creative. Look around and the ideas will come. Good luck!