Our home is supposed to be our haven where we want to go home and spend a quiet and cozy evening. We want a neat and comfortable home that gives us the comfort we need when we come from work all enervated and stressed. But sometimes this is impossible to enjoy if we go home and find our house ransacked by tiny creatures who had feasted on our food and other valuable things while we were out working. Pests at home are annoying and they could give you a headache everyday if you don’t know how to rid them off your home. These little creatures are a monster at home when they start attacking everything including your food, your clothes, your furniture and even some parts of your home if they really want to be destructive. Pests like mice, ants, flies and cockroaches are all destructive creatures and they could ruin everything that they could lay eyes on including your most valuable treasure quietly intact in your chest. If you don’t have a safe to put the important papers, these could be damaged if attacked by these little destructive creatures lurking in all corners of your house, especially the attic and the store room.

Like any matter that we encounter in our daily life, there is always a remedy or a solution. There is nothing impossible if we really want to do something about a problem. Pests could be controlled or eliminated. And you could always make your home pest-proof.

Here are some tips that could help you rid your home with pests:

Eliminate all unnecessary things

The first thing to do is to eliminate and get rid of all things that are not needed at home. Too many things at home will invite pests to come to your house and feast on the junks that you have accumulated in your garage or your attic. Remove them and you will lessen the risk of pests entering your home.

Clean your house and get rid of garbage

Your house must be neat and clean. Pests love feasting on garbage and other mess around and if you leave dirty things lying on the floor, there is the possibility of cockroaches, flies or rats coming in your house. You have to get rid of the garbage every night before going to bed.

Cover all holes and other outlets that pests could gain access to

Pests make use of all possible ways to enter your home in order to share with what you have and if you don’t cover all possible entry of these tiny creatures, they could possibly come and feast on your things. It is important that not a single pest could enter the house because once one gets inside your home, these pests multiply in a very short time.

Use pest control

A very effective way of getting rid of cockroach and ants is the miracle chalk which looks exactly like the white board chalk that we use to write on the blackboard but which has chemicals that will shy away cockroach and ants with just one application. Use the chalk to write horizontal lines on the wall outside your home. These chalk lines will prevent the pests from entering your house. You can also use them inside the house but make sure to clean them after a few days as they are not good to look at. You can repeat use the chalk every month if you don’t want those cockroaches and ants back. For small mice, you can use the fly paper to trap them. This is better than using poison which is dangerous if you have pets and little children. Make sure you place them in places where it is safe from children.

Get a pet dog or cat

Pests shy away if they see animals around the house. Mice especially hate cats and they will not enter your house if you have a pet cat. Even dogs could drive away mice. Although there are some pets that love to play with mice, most pets drive away mice.

Use screened doors and windows

You will never know when these pests could enter your house but sometimes if your door is open these pests could enter your house. A screened door and windows could help rid off these pests. Off course you need a double door for the screened door. But if you want your door always open to let air in your house, you can opt to use a screened door in order to let in the air even if your door is closed.

These are only tips and there is no proof that they are all effective. I am just giving you some tips that may help you get rid of those pests that are common problems in the homes.