Kids go through shoes quickly for many reasons; the main reason is because they are constantly growing out of them, but other reasons include wear and tear and low quality shoes. Brands like Skechers and Crocs know how important it is to find the right athletic shoe for your kid and offer up some high quality footwear that will outlast your child’s rough play and be able to be passed down to the next child to enjoy. With as fast as children grow, it can be frustrating to pay high dollar amounts for a pair of shoes. However, the reality is you save money by purchasing a higher quality shoe that is designed specifically to your child’s activity because they won’t need to be replaced before the child grows out of them.

Make Sure To Get the Right Size

Since kids do grow very quickly, they should be measured for their correct shoe size every time you purchase them a new pair. Athletic shoes for kids can be sized differently according to their design, so be sure that you know your child’s size for that brand and style of shoe. Be sure that there is enough room for your child’s toes to move freely inside the shoe, but that it is snug enough to support the ankle and the arch of the foot. One mistake parents make is buying shoes that are too large for their children to save money, thinking they will grow into them. Having shoes too large can result in injury and with doctor bills as high as they are, there is no saving money if that happens.

Choose the Right Design

If your child is participating in any sporting events, then you should choose a comfortable athletic shoe that is designed for that sport. You can find basic athletic shoes for kids but you also have the choice for basketball shoes, soccer shoes, tennis shoes and even skate shoes just to name a few. So, keep in mind what your child’s activity level and interests are and buy shoes that are designed to meet their needs. You might think that all athletic shoes are created equally and it is just the styles that are different; this is false.

Shoes that are designed for sports offer flexibility where it is needed, reinforcement where needed, and will generally last longer and be much safer for the child while wearing them to play sports. For example, skate shoes are designed to offer flexibility to grip the skateboard and prevent falls, and the shoe laces are hidden to prevent injuries from wheels getting snagged onto untied laces. Skate shoes also offer more durable threading around the seams that are strained the most with the sport and will generally last much longer than an ordinary athletic shoe.

Save Some Money

By purchasing the right athletic shoes, you are already saving money since you will not have to replace them as quickly. You can add to that savings by searching for sales and online deals.