When it comes to finding engaging toys for babies, age is the most important factor. As your children grow and develop, their needs for stimulation changes and their toys need to keep up. Children's stores like Toys 'R' Us and DisneyStore.com make shopping easy; they have toys that are grouped by age to help you determine what is best for your child. Below is a list of tips to help you choose engaging toys for your children.

Age Appropriate

As mentioned above, age is very important when it comes to the proper toys for stimulation. In the beginning months of your infant's life, his stimulation needs mainly rely on watching and listening. As your baby grows and his motor skills begin to function, it is important to choose the appropriate toys. If your baby is just beginning to reach and hold objects, toys that offer easy to handle grips are perfect. Don't pick anything so large that your child cannot grasp it; he will become frustrated and bored with the toy.

As your child grows, functions such as shape sorters and musical instruments can be introduced--anything that is easy for him to create a reaction by using simple functions. Never introduce a toy that is too difficult too early. Avoid stress and frustration by ensuring your child has toys that he is capable of understanding and will love to learn from. A child is never too young to begin to learn, and function toys are a great way to stimulate a baby's mind.


Colors are very important when it comes to toys for infants. You should choose bright and vivid colors when finding that perfect toy. Children are drawn to the brightness of objects; this is why they always grab at your shiny earrings. The colors will stimulate their brains and encourage creativity.


Having toys that are musical will help your child develop quicker. It has been proven that music stimulates the brain activity and increases learning, not to mention creativity. Introduce musical toys to your child as early as possible. Having light up musical mobiles in the crib from the time of birth has been shown to lower stress and increase brain function.

You know your child better than anyone, so when buying toys, be sure they are suited for him individually. Always introduce new toys into his play time and see what interests him the most. Be sure that you offer more stimulating toys as he grows. Also, increase the difficulty level on the toys and never allow him to become bored or under stimulated.