Golden Retrievers are routinely selected as one of the most popular dogs in America. They are loved by people of all ages for their sweet spirit, their gentility, their friendliness, their love of children, and they high level of energy. When you welcome one of these lovable dogs into your family one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what to name man's best friend. This article will give you a few hints and pointers on how to come up with the perfect golden retriever name

golden retriever name

Things You Will Need

All you really need is your golden retriever for inspiration on their name.

Step 1

Many times a golden retriever will name themselves. That is how so many goldens end up with names like sleepy, goofy, spot, or psycho. he behavior and character of your golden retriever during their first few days as a member of your family will many times determine their name. A name must fit a dog's personality. You cannot name a high energy dog Tortoise. You also cannot give a friendly dog a name like Spike or Goliath. The name must fit the dog.

Step 2

Often times a dog is bought as a present for a member of your family. Many times a golden retriever is brought home as a gift for children. In this case, it is always fun to let the children name the dog. By laying out a few groundrules with your children, it is amazing to see how creative they can be and some of the greta names they can come up with. It can be a very fun time for your family as you welcome a new member into your home. Whatever name you end up with for your dog it is important to remember that you have brought another living creature into your home and they need to be cared for properly. Giving them a name and walking away is not an option. Your dog will need you and you will grow to need your dog over time. The relationship between your golden retriever and your family can be joyous and a great name is a great way to start on that journey!

Tips & Warnings

Be careful when letting children choose the dog's name. you may wind up with something that they will regret in the years to come!