The decision to install shutters is an extremely intelligent choice. Shutters are the most economically efficient window coverings, as they’ll save you more money on utility bills than window blinds will. They also increase the value of your home. However, the decision to buy shutters is only the beginning. You must then pick out the right shutters for your windows or French doors, which can be an overwhelming task. It may seem impossible to start ordering shutters, once you see all of the styles, colors, and materials available.  Learning about the different options for interior shutters can help you make the correct choice for your investment.

The first choice you’ll have to make is the style of shutter you want. Plantation shutters are an extremely popular choice. They’re easy to find and are offered by most shutter providers. These interior blinds are made from wide slats of wood mounted in a frame. The slats generally range from 2.5 to 4.5 inches wide and 1.125 inches thick. This design allows for airflow in a warm environment, while also keeping the interior cool through blocking sunlight. The plantation shutters usually fill an entire window and the blinds can be open and closed. They can also usually be folded completely open to allow more light and ventilation in. These shutters tend to be more popular in southern states.

Traditional shutters are extremely similar to the plantation shutters. However, traditional shutters have smaller slats than the plantation shutters. Their slats are usually 1.25 inches wide and .75 inches thick. This type of shutter tends to block out less light, because of the thinner slats. However, they also allow for a greater flow of air. They can be harder to find because of the industry’s movement towards focusing on plantation shutters. Homes in the northeastern part of the United States tend to gravitate towards traditional shutters.

Next, you must pick out a material for your shutters. The biggest part of this decision is figuring out how much time you’re willing to invest in taking care of your house shutters. The two most popular options are wood and PVC. Wooden shutters are light and create a beautiful, traditional look. They can be purchased in almost any color or stain. However, they’ll deteriorate quickly if not taken care of properly, especially in environments with high heat and humidity. Unlike wood, PVC is extremely durable and will weather well without much care. These shades are extremely similar to vinyl and are easily maintained. Unfortunately, they generally come in fewer color choices than the wooden shutters, which can make it harder to match the trim color in your home.

You must also decide whether to buy pre-made window shutters or order custom made shutters. Pre-made shutters are cut down from a frame that’s similar in size to your window. They’re less expensive than custom shutters, but may not always fit perfectly. They can often be bought from local hardware stores and are available quickly. Custom shutters are slightly more expensive, but are made specifically for your window. They can be designed to fit any shape, including arches and circles. You also get shutters that were manufactured based on your specifications, so it’s ensured you’ll receive the exact window coverings you want. These are usually purchased from shutter specialty stores and take longer to make before they can be delivered and installed.