More and more women are becoming interested in the sport of skateboarding, and the manufactures of top brand skate shoes have become aware of this. You can find a variety of skate shoes for women from online stores like and When it comes to finding the right skate shoes for women, use the guide below to help determine which ones are the best.

The Right Fit

Whenever you are buying shoes, you should always be sure to get the right fit. When you try the shoes on in the store and they seem too tight, do not figure you will break them in after wearing them awhile. A good pair of shoes that fit you properly should never require a breaking in period; they should fit properly from the very first time you place them on your feet. Many brands are made differently and skate shoes can sometimes run a bit larger than regular shoes; don't assume that your skate shoes will be the same size as your high heeled boots.

Always try on several sizes to make sure you have the right size. You want your skate shoes to fit snug on your feet; there should be little room for slipping in and out of the shoe. Skate boarding accidents happen all the time and having a shoe slip off is a very common cause of many of those accidents.

Good Grip

The sole should offer a good grip for riding the skateboard. The safety features of a good skate shoes include the gripping, padding and the security tucks for the laces. If the bottom of the shoe does not have a good gripping rubber and offer some flexibility, it will not be able to graps the board properly and this can lead to an accident.


Skate shoes are made to withstand serious pressure and they usually have much more padding than regular shoes. They offer flexibility and are made with stronger materials that are meant to last. Skate shoes are often rubbed against the side of the board, drug across the pavement and put through some serious stress, and they are made to handle it. You might find that skate shoes are a bit more expensive than regular tennis shoes, but when you account for what they are meant to do and the quality that goes into them, they are worth the extra money. Regular tennis shoes will rip, split and become worn much quicker and need replacement more often.


The style you choose is up to your taste; there are many to pick from and all offer a unique look. Some women buy the shoes simply because they look great and offer a unique and sporty look to their wardrobe. If style is all you're interested in when purchasing the shoe, you will be very happy with the selection.