Let’s set the scene: There isn’t much time to waste. You are watching a girl at a party and you really like her – mostly because she is attractive.

You’re probably a little nervous, because you want to pick up her?

This is a scenario that many men can relate to. You see a beautiful woman and you want to ask her out. Some guys are willing to do whatever it takes to attract the female, but most probably aren’t very good at actually picking up attractive girls.

Fortunately, you no longer have to worry; there are several tips that you can use the next time you’re faced with this situation.

The Ultimate Guide to Picking Up the Girl of Your Dreams

You may have noticed that some guys are better at picking up girls than others. Do you ever wonder how those guys are better than others at picking up a girl?

Is it looks, money or intelligence? Maybe it’s a combination of the three.

Those things might help, but honestly the two key factors that you need are confidence and persistence. Some men have these characteristics by birth, but others can acquire these characteristics by using these simple tips.

Note that persistence doesn’t mean that you should become a full blown stalker and get yourself arrested. That would be dumb. The key is to make sure you let the female know that you really like her.

Here Are Several Tips to Follow When You Trying to Pick Up a Girl

Make a good eye contact: Making good eye contact is the primary key to approaching any girl. You can often measure your success rate by making eye contact. Whether you’re in a club or at some other location, try to make eye contact with the girl from a distance. If she responds well to your eye contact (returning the eye contact for a short period or smiles back), go ahead and make the approach and talk to her.

If she avoids your eye contact, your chances are low. But, don't let that get your spirits get down; analyze the area for other women who will respond to you. You should remember that some women divulge a lot in their body language. You should pay close attention to her body language, to increase your odds.

Show interest to only her: Trying to pick up more than one woman from the same area is a real deal breaker. You will quickly be labeled a player and have no success. You should remember one thing; you should make the girl feel special. Showing interest towards both her and her friend will not make her feel special. Even you find many attractive women in a single area; you should focus on only one girl. Otherwise, odds are you will end up with no one.

Make her feel beautiful: I can’t speak for all women, but most women like to hear compliments. It is all about how you make her feel. If you make her to feel like she is the most beautiful women in the world, chances are high that she will want to meet you again. If she feels comfortable and confident in your relationship, you will get the benefits in all aspects.

Always complement her: Don't avoid approaching and complementing a beautiful girl by thinking you are not the first one to approach her or that she must already have a significant other. Many men fail to approach a beautiful girl simply because they think it is not worth trying. You might think that she is constantly approached by lot of guys, but often times that’s not true. Several beautiful women have stated that they are rarely approached by men.

Don't use prepackaged pick-up lines: Don't overthink pickup. Just use simple and pleasant conversation. Using prepackaged pick-up lines will make you look immature and the end result will likely be a disappointment. Keep your communication genuine and straightforward. Be sincere. There is nothing wrong with telling a woman that you think that she is beautiful. By being honest, you will stand out from other men and increase your chances for success.

Make your approach in nice places: Bars and night clubs are not the only places to pick up a girl. Women are normally used to being approached by men in bars and clubs, so they have their guard up. So, my recommendation is that you don’t take this approach. If you decide to approach a female in aforementioned places, she might reject you immediately – as she is consistently being approached by several guys. So, your approach might fail. The goal is to increase your odds of getting the girl of your dreams. Instead, try approaching women in nice places other than bars and clubs.

You should try to get her phone number: After approaching a girl successfully, you should try to get her phone number. Ask for her phone number when she feels comfortable. Don't annoy her by asking for her phone number at the wrong time (like immediately after starting the conversation). If she asks when you will call, just joking say 50 times a day. If possible, try to get her email address too. For the second meeting (or first date), message her before meeting with her and call after meeting. This will show your commitment towards her.

Things to avoid: 
- Don't look on her chest or her posterior. This will make a bad first impression and could potentially ruin your chances of successful getting a first date.
- Don’t give her a cute nickname like honey or baby. While some women may like nicknames, it’s risky because some women find it condescending and disrespectful.
- Don't make her feel uncomfortable.
- Don't talk solely about your interests. Ask about her interests and really try to get to know her.
- Don't lose hope if you fail in the first attempt

Use these tips to pick up the girl of your dreams. Remember you must have confidence and persistence. If you fail first time, don’t worry. You will eventually find someone who is mutually interested in you also.