Window treatments can be expensive and difficult to install. If you have an open floor plan, you might have to buy a lot of matching curtains. These are a few of the reasons why you'd want to go with more of a classic style of blind or drape. Stores like Smith+Noble and carry an assortment of window treatments.

Step 1: Look at the Architecture of Your Room

The style of your home determines what a classic look is going to be. If you have a lot of intricate molding or an elegant look, then go with plantation shutters. Just keep these in a bright white so they blend in with your windowsills or fireplace mantle. Then, you can paint your walls a different color every few years and the shutters will still match. If you go with a medium wood tone, then match it with a country design style.

Step 2: Determine Your Lighting Needs

In addition to being beautiful, your window solution should also be functional. You might just want to go with decorative treatments if you don't need a lot of privacy. Swag valances or curtains drape around a curtain rod for an elegant look. You can hang blinds or screens underneath for added privacy.

Step 3: Go with Natural Textures

Woven or grass blinds usually have a simple cord style. They're also one of the least expensive options. These pieces are versatile because they're so neutral. These can have several different shades of bronze, black, tan, gray and green in them. These can coordinate with almost any wood tone of furniture that you might want to bring into the room later on.

Step 4: Look for Easy to Clean Features

Before you fall in love with a certain style, consider the cleaning methods. Some drapes require dry cleaning. If you plan on having these items for several years, you need to go with options that you can keep looking fresh. If you do decide to go with fabric, then look for a washable material like cotton or canvas.

Step 5: Rethink Blinds

Blinds are easy to clean and neutral. You can upgrade basic metal miniblinds by going with wood or faux wood versions. Even if you just want a painted white finish, you'll get a more substantial texture with a faux wood blind. Look for wider slats to change up the traditional look slightly. You can also look for blind tape to add a subtle touch of color.

Step 6: Go for Simple Styles

If you want to make sure that your design choices are durable, then go with neutral choices. This applies to both the silhouette and color choices. Look for muted patterns or solid colors. Grommet panels have subtle metallic touches and are modern or traditional depending on the fabric. Skip ornate tiebacks and valances because these items can look outdated. Make sure that your fabric is a neutral color like gold or taupe. It can also match your furniture. This could either be your sofa fabric or wood pieces in your room.