Picking the right batting glove will have an impact on your baseball game. Good batting gloves help protect your hands from developing painful blisters. They can safely be worn underneath a baseball glove when you play in the field. Another purpose that batting gloves serve is to protect your hands from the impact when you hit the ball. The gloves you choose should be the proper size for your hands as well as provide a snug yet comfortable fit. Stores like Eastbay and Sports Authority offer a good selection of batting gloves.

Buy Online or Visit a Store

Both these options have their advantages and disadvantages, so you'll need to decide which option is better for you. The Internet provides a bigger selection and many online stores have better prices. However, you're at somewhat of a disadvantage because you can't try the gloves on first. Some buyers prefer to try on gloves in retail stores, but buy the same brand and size at an online retailer. This can be a good way to take advantage of both options and works well in situations where local stores have much higher prices.

Finding Your Size

When you visit a store, most will have cutouts available to help you determine the size of your hand. It also helps to know the measurements for any previous batting gloves you've owned. Once you've determined your size, try on more than one pair. Different brands will often provide a different type of fit, so you'll want to keep your options open. The gloves should fit your hands well enough without slipping excessively. Gloves that slip too much won't provide the right type of protection that you need during a game. The fit should also be comfortable, since you will be wearing them for extended periods of time. There should be enough material to provide good shock absorption without so much material being used that you lose your grip easily.

Consider the Materials Used

The materials used in your gloves will make an impact. Not only do you want your gloves to be comfortable, you'll want them to be able to resist heavy sweating. Gloves that become too moist from sweat provide a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. This can lead to troublesome rashes and skin infections. Your ideal gloves should be able to be air-dried easily after a game. Most of the top-rated batting gloves are made of leather with mesh added to allow them to be more breathable. Some gloves also use spandex, which is known for its comfort and flexibility. Mesh and spandex both pull moisture away from the skin, allowing your hands to stay drier.

Trying out Your Gloves

When you do buy gloves in a store, it's a good idea to test them out first. While a good fit is very important, it helps to know that the gloves will do what you need them to. If you can, try picking up and holding a bat with the gloves on and try practicing a few light swings.