If you are using a laptop for mobility, and your desktop computer is gathering dust, then wipe off the cobwebs.  Now, there is a solution for desktop computer users who feel tied to their computer.  Cut the cord and buy a cordless keyboard.  There are three major types of cordless keyboards, and each has their own benefits and some drawbacks that you will need to consider before purchasing one.


Radio Frequency


Most keyboards that offer this technology allows the user to work at least 30 feet away from the computer.  Also when searching for this type of keyboard, try to find one in which the wireless protocol is 2.4 GHZ. 




This type of cordless keyboard also allows you more freedom than a corded keyboard.  However, the user must be in line-of-sight of the computer.  To help you understand this technology, just think about a remote control for a television.  To work, you must point a remote toward the TV.  This type of keyboard uses a similar principle, in that you must remain in sight of the transceiver.   You need to consider if this would work for you.




This type of cordless keyboard is another option for you to consider.  If your computer has built-in Bluetooth then it should be an easy setup.  However, if your computer is not Bluetooth enabled, then you will need to purchase a Bluetooth Dongle.  This strange named device should make your computer work with Bluetooth technology.  But, as with any technology, there are no guarantees that your products will work together. 


When thinking of switching from a cord to cordless you should consider more than what type of technology the keyboard uses, but also consider some important options and possible downfalls to cordless.


If you have never been cord free it is important that you realize that occasionally you may notice an occasional dropped connection or a delay from the keyboard to your computer.   However, this should not happen often, if at all. 


To help protect your security and privacy when using a cordless keyboard you should purchase one that offers high encryption. 


All wireless keyboards need power; and often it comes from either AA or AAA batteries.  But, there are other options.  For heavy users, consider rechargeable batteries, or even a solar powered keyboard.


Also, while reading the package, determine if a USB transceiver is included.  This transceiver, or receiver, as it is sometimes, is needed and takes the place of a cord.


Now, armed with the basic knowledge about cordless keyboards; you can buy the best one that offers the most freedom when using your desktop computer.