Maximize your budget and your wardrobe by choosing pieces from Piperlime and that transform from professional day wear to dramatic evening wear simply and quickly. This makes your fashion dollar go further and saves you time when changing looks after work before hitting the town. Here are a few tips to finding a dress that works from nine to five... and then stays on the job from five till nine!

Consider the Length

If you want a dress that goes from day to night, you have to first remember that is needs to be appropriate for the office during the day. Avoid the instinct to buy something more than a half inch above the knee. Keep in mind that anything cut above the knee should probably be worn with hosiery while at the office. A mid or long length dress does not have to be a drab excuse for a little black dress after work though.

If you choose to go long, raise the stakes with an interesting asymmetrical or interesting neckline. Even better yet, choose a dress with an open back. This can be concealed during the day with a blazer. The important thing to remember is to play with balance. A long skirt should be balanced by revealed skin in the upper body. Likewise, a shorter skirt needs to be balanced with a high neckline or long sleeves.

Accessorize Properly

The easiest way to take a dress from day to night is to change your accessories. Trade the pin and pearls from the office for a heavy metal necklace and longer earrings at night. Pull your hair back to expose your neck and ears and the focus of the dress can change dramatically. If your skirt needed hoisery to be work place appropriate, ditch the hosiery at night and pump things up with a high heel instead. Add a little bit of a bold punch to your eyeliner and lipstick to complete the look.

Color Is Key

The nightlife is all about bold accessories that catch the eye easily. This can often mean a jewel toned dress or a black dress with metal embellishments. Keep in mind that both of these items can be made into day wear by balancing a loud color with a muted sweater or blazer or dressing up black with a brightly colored necklace or pin.

Boots Were Made for Walking

Finally, don't forget about your feet. Pack a change of shoes in your bag if you won't have time to stop by the house. Changing from work-proper Mary Jane's to high heeled boots can put a while new spin on the same old dress. Using a shoe with a color punch is a great way to add sparkle and interest to a simple day dress. If your dress is already brightly colored, you don't have to choose a neutral shoe. Just make sure the colors don't compete.