Women come in all shapes and sizes and jeans are available in a fit that is perfect for every woman. It may be overwhelming when trying to determine which jean style is most flattering to your body type, but it can be done with a few helpful tips. So, when you are shopping at stores like Newport News or Gap.com and see those models sporting a perfectly fit pair of jeans, know that you can look just as good in yours.

The Right Size

First and foremost, you have to know you are getting the right size pair of jeans. The various styles and brands make it difficult to say that a size 5 is the same for every pair. You can also find different length sizes and of course different styles such as wide leg, boot cut, skinny jeans and straight leg. Just make sure that you know the correct size for your body in the style of jeans you are purchasing; what may be a size 5 in one brand may be a size 7 in another.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are great to accentuate the body of women who have few curves. They help to show off the few curves the woman does have and help to create a more hour glass shaped figure. Skinny jeans are not made for everyone; if you are heavier on top, the skinny jeans will create a very uneven look and draw attention to your top half, making it appear even larger. If you have large hips, skinny jeans will simply make you looked "stuffed" into your jeans.

Low Rise and Boot Cut

If you have an hourglass figure, where your shoulders and hips are about the same in width, the boot cut low rise jeans are going to be your best fit. The low rise waist line offers a flattering look to your already hourglass figure and the boot cut helps to even out your silhouette. If you have very few curves, this type of jean will simply make you look frumpy and offer little in the flattering department to your body shape.


You might not consider your shoulders when trying on a pair of jeans, but in reality there is a huge connection that should be understood. If you have broad shoulders but narrow hips and a flat backside, otherwise known as the apple shape, you should look for a pair of jeans that offers a wide leg; this adds the illusion of a fuller backside while offering an even shape. The jeans should flare out enough at the bottom to create a straight line from your shoulders.

If you have slim shoulders and a flat stomach but a fuller backside, otherwise known as the pear shape, purchase jeans that are wide cut at the leg such as the boot cut. The wider leg can visually reduce the size your hips and help to reduce the appearance of your backside.