A great domain name can really help your website rise to the top. Here is how to pick a great domain name.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Think about what your website is about and make a list of words that fit with your site. Using words that do not describe the domain can result in problems if you add adsense code and when you use your site name in blog posts etc. For example my site title My Lil Gold Dress does not explain that it is a site that shares how to earn money from home. Every time I post the website name I have to post it like this My Lil Gold Dress (Earn at Home). I selected the name however, because I have a series of "dress sites" that cover different topics (see MyDressWorks.com for a list) so it works in the case. Some of the big boys like Amazon.com and Google.com do not have what they are in their name either. But in general you want to have what your site is about in your title.

Step 2

Think of domain names that are short. Use Nameboy.com to give you domain name ideas to help pick a great domain name.

Step 3

Write the domain names down and see how they looks in print. Using easy to spell words will help you pick a great domain name.

Step 4

If you are having trouble trying to pick a great domain name because they are already taken, try adding words on the end. You can add station, circle, central, taxi, village, spot, site, place etc. to get a unique domain name with the key words you want.

Step 5

Check with GoDaddy to see if your name is available. GoDaddy will tell you if it is available and give other variations.

When you pick great domain name that is easy to remember, you are a step ahead when it comes to helping people find your site in the future.

Tips & Warnings

.com's are the most popular for a website but .net and other extensions are becoming more and more common.