Finding the perfect leather handbag is sometimes easy--you just fall in love with it in the store window and away you go, feeling great and looking awesome. Other times, most times, it is not so easy. It can be costly to buy a designer handbag from a store like Eddie Bauer or Fossil, and you want to ensure you have the one you love, the one that works for you, and the one of course that you can afford. Here are a few tips to finding the perfect leather handbag:

The Right Size

You may absolutely love that oversized leather handbag and if you don't plan on taking it with you traveling, it might just be the perfect bag for you. If you do however travel, you might consider the dimensions that are allowed as a carry-on on the airplane and opt for a smaller bag. The main thing is what you plan to do with the bag; this will help determine the size you need. Many women use their hand bags as diaper bags as well as to carry their personal belongings. In this case, bigger might just be better.

Straps Make a Difference

How do you carry your bag? If you like to have your handbag thrown over your shoulder, be sure that the straps are long enough for you to do this comfortably. Many women prefer to hold their purse in their hands and allow it to dangle at their hips as they walk. You have to keep in mind that if you want to carry anything else, such as a shopping bag, small child or even a cup of coffee, it can be difficult to have both hands tied up. Also, if you live in a big city where crime is more frequent, you are less likely to have your purse snatched if it is worn over the shoulder and held closer to your body.

Pockets, Pockets and More Pockets

Some women love handbags that have just one opening--everything goes in the one area and can be easily found. If you are not that women and you feel more comfortable with organizing your items, then you want to ensure your handbag offers plenty of pockets and compartments to store your items.

Durability and Quality

The most important thing you should consider about your leather handbag is quality and durability. Even if you get a great price on the purse, you want it to last. Look for the stitching and make sure that it is hand sewn with sturdy thread. Your lining should be tight and not offer too much slack; this just ends up with tears and snags that are unsightly and cause the bag to lose value quickly. The old adage that you get what you pay for is true; the price difference in leather handbags has to do with not only the designer label but with the stitching, the quality of leather and the care that was taken when creating the bag.